Saturday, 29 February 2020

It's okay to not be okay

In a world obsessed with social media and our presence online, it is very easy to be caught up in the mentality that we must pretend to be okay at all times, and that showing any vulnerability is to be seen as a weakness. With recent tragedies, there is an outpouring of love and support, and people everywhere sharing and offering their support and help to anyone who needs it, but why do we find it so hard to accept this?

When things get tough, people tend to become introverted, and to try and deal with the pressures and worries by themselves, but why? The people around you in everything you do, and to help in any way possible, but the hardest thing is to accept hat you need that help. 

Anyone who knows me will be reading this thinking that I am a hypocrite, because I absolutely shut everyone out when I find things tough, but gradually I am learning that I have built a circle of people around me who want nothing but the best for me, and just as I would drop anything to be by their side, they would do the same for me. 

At times, the most important thing to do is to take a step back, and consider the cause and contributing factors to what is happening. Where possible, you must remove yourself from these situations. Whether this be social media, social situations, even friendships. Think about the people who are there for you in your time of need, they are the people that you should surround yourself with. Why are we so willing to accept and put up with people in our lives who don't care enough for us? Why are we putting ourselves through this? All this does is prolong the inevitable, the breakdown of a friendship or relationship.

In the last 4/5 years, I have cut so many people out. Friends, family, the people I thought would be by my side forever. It certainly wasn't easy, and even now there are times when I question these choices, but I am constantly reminded that these are the people who made me feel inferior when I was at my lowest, when they should have been my biggest support.

My circle now? I have the best support system I could hope for. They are there to celebrate my wins and pick me up when I need it, they are the people who repeatedly remind me that it is okay to not be okay! 

So the next time you are down, you need advice, you just need to talk? Reach out to someone, anyone. Vulnerability and needing support is not a weakness. The hard things in life are put there to test us, they make us resilient, tenacious, and more determined than ever to continue working to be the people we aspire to be. The people who are strong, the people who embrace their differences, and tackle the difficulties face on.

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