Saturday, 22 October 2016

Halloween with Homesense

Whether you're going all out for Halloween, and throwing a huge party, or whether you are spending the evening curled up on the sofa hiding behind cushions at a scary film and being secretly glad everytime the doorbell goes, Homesense has got you covered!

From subtle items such as cake stands, or beautiful snow globes - are they still classed as snow globes if they're not covered in snow? - to huge furniture pieces such as mailboxes with skeletons crawling out, (little kids playing stopped me from getting a photo), Homesense has everything you could possibly want or need!

Whilst you're there for the house, you can also pick up a costume for any little ones in your life, or accessories for your own costume, with intricate lace masks, and the traditional witches hats.

Everything at home sense is less than the RRP, so you're automatically saving money, and they definitely cover for all budgets, so whether you're looking for a pumpkin scented candle, or the creepiest halloween decorations ever, run to Homesense!
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*I was gifted a gift card for this post.

Monday, 17 October 2016

Lush Halloween Haul

When in London a few weeks back, I realised I had an hour between getting off the train and the start of an event, so I ran as fast as I could to Oxford Street, to grab the LUSH Halloween and Christmas ranges. I've decided to split the post so it's not too photo heavy, so Wednesday's post will be the Christmas one!

This one smells incredible, with infusions of Vanilla absolute and Cinnamon, I would say that it does smell more like Oranges than Pumpkin, but either way, I love the scent, and plan on using this on a rainy evening!

I love this guy, he's just so adorable! It smells incredibly fresh, with Lime and Neroli oils, and I cannot wait to watch him fizz away in the bath, even if he is so cute!

Northern Lights was one of my favourite bath bombs the last time it was around, and I don't think it came back last year, but this year it's back, with a new design too! This one is apparently way less likely to crumble, however I don't like that you can see the blue and yellow on either end, this was a wonderful surprise before! This is a very floral heavy one, so is the perfect one to use when you're knackered, and you just need something to help you off to sleep!

Have you picked up any of the Halloween range?
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Sunday, 16 October 2016


When I heard that MAC were launching new lipsticks, I got excited, and then when my friend Tilly who works on the MAC Counter in Southampton contacted me about a blogger event, I got even more excited! 

The LIPTENSITY range has been created in collaboration with Maureen Seaberg, who is a Tetrachromat, which as one of the girls told me, is where she sees more spectrums of the colour than the standard naked eye, meaning that the colours of the lipsticks are unlike any others. They're incredibly pigmented, but do not dry matte, however this is not needed for durability, because they are gel based meaning they stay put for hours on end! 

The colour range is beautiful, with the most wearable nudes, to a beautiful vibrant blue, and cherry reds. There is definitely a shade for everyone within this range as there are 24 shades, with 18 being permanent.

If you're from the Southampton area, pop in to see them on counter, all of the artists are so lovely, and you can also follow them on instagram here. Thank you so much for having me!
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