Thursday, 14 July 2016

The Girls - Lisa Jewell

I'm back with another book review. This book infuriated me, because of how well it was written, and how much I needed to know what happened. Within the opening pages, the reader is introduced to a situation, however we know nothing of the characters, of the situation, or the context, so the book then flips back, and you learn all the details of their lives and how the scene came about.

I wouldn't say that I had either a favourite or least favourite character within the novel, instead I loved aspects of each any every character, they are very human which is something missed in a lot of fiction. The book causes you to doubt every character, but also fail to understand how they could be implicated, and then it all makes sense at the reveal. The themes explored are dangerous but important, especially in a contemporary society, and truly raises questions about who you trust and how much you know your neighbours.

The ending was disappointing, but only minimally, however I can't tell you why without ruining it... I was pleased with the culprit, and the reasoning behind it, but when you finish it you'll understand why!

Will you be picking this up when browsing Watersones?
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