Monday, 16 May 2016

Urban Decay Naked

I have wanted the original Naked palette since I learned of their existence! Everyone seems to have it, when I see an eye look I love, it's keep component is always one of these 12 perfectly chosen and matched shades, so when I found this in a gift bag from my girls on my birthday, I could have squealed with delight.

Lets start with packaging, I know that eventually I will moan about how grubby this is going to get, but right now, I love how gorgeous it is, and despite not being as sturdy as the Naked 3, I think there is little in it! As always, there is a mirror which makes it handy for travel, and the standard double ended eyeshadow brush! In the box you also receive the 4 primer samples!

I haven't had this very long, but so far I am finding myself reaching for similar shades each day, in particular these ones, they work so well together, and really suit my blue/green/grey eyes! Expect to see more of this one soon.

Top to Bottom - Toasted, Smog, Half-baked & Sidecar.


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