Thursday, 19 May 2016

GBK Southampton

Before GBK came to Southampton, I had never been - shock horror! Now, I am total convert, regularly popping in for lunch with friends. The atmosphere at GBK is very relaxed, you're shown to a table with menus, and then when you're ready you head to the bar to order, and then are served your food. The menu is so easy to navigate, and no one I've ever been with has wanted something that they don't do, personally, I opt for a completely plain beef burger, yes, I am that person!

They do a few different starters, which are perfect to grab a couple and share as a table! Also, if you're feeling peckish then get a shake - you won't regret it. The fries are the skinniest you'll ever find, but very filling, and although the choice of desserts is very limited, you definitely don't need one.

To make your next trip easier on the wallet too, download their app, and you get a free item every other visit! 

The food tastes great, the burgers automatically come medium cooked, but you can alter this to your preference, if there are any issues at all then the staff are super helpful, as I found out when I forgot to ask for mine plain... You definitely get the feeling that nothing is too much for them, which is lovely! The decor at the new Southampton site is gorgeous, with a super high ceiling, and being in the cultural corner, it looks so welcoming in the evening!

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*meal was kindly waivered by GBK. 

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