Monday, 8 February 2016

Valentines Day Gift Guide

Now Valentines Day is not everyone's cup of tea, personally I really enjoy it. I don't believe that we should take it as an excuse to only show the person you love that day, but I enjoy dedicating a single day for a nice dinner, and some quality time together. Now I know that again, gifts aren't for everyone, but I love browsing all of the gorgeous products that come out around Valentines, so thought I'd put this post together. I've also created two sections, one for subtly thoughtful and gorgeous gifts, and another one slightly more romantic.

- A lovely print is a subtle but lovely way of making someone smile, this one is from etsy.
2 - Again, a subtle way of a Valentines gift, this plate is from Homesense.
3 - I've wanted an Emma Bridgewater heart mug for as long as I can remember, hint hint ;) 
4 - There's something so classic about the alphabetised candles, but I love love love them! This one is from Next.
5 - This one is for those who aren't a fan of the hearts or overly obvious gifts, but the second I saw this lamp I fell in love. Again, this is from Homesense, so if you are looking for an alternative gift, then pop into your local store!

1 - Red Roses are a Valentines Classic, and don't forget that you can get 25% discount on Debenhams range using the code DFBLOG25
2 - I think these cookie cutters are adorable! You can use them for cookies, or I even thought to leave an imprint in some pancakes or something! Although expensive for what they are, you can reuse these over and over again! 
3 - Not On The Highstreet have so much choice, but personalised candles make a gorgeous gift that will last forever as you can reuse the jar after you have burned the candle!
4 - Up last is what could be the most romantic yet, take something so simple and purse friendly as this love jar, but fill it with little notes, either memories of your adventures together, or things you love about your other half.

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