Thursday, 4 February 2016

Homesense | Solving Storage Problems

A new year tends to come with a spring clean? Rare occasion in my room! However, after a trip to Homesense, I am feeling inspired, I suddenly want everything tidied away in a stack of these gorgeous boxes! The first ones I spotted were the ones that were constructed to look like leather bound books, I think these would be perfect to store all your paperwork away in, and have a few of them together on the bottom of a bookshelf! 

Then you have the more lustworthy, with rose gold detailing, polka dots, and cute phrases. I picked up two boxes this time round, first being the pink and rose gold spotted box, which is generously sized so has become my 'blogging box', so where I will put everything that I am going to be blogging about, which is such a good idea (don't mind me blowing my own trumpet), I know quite a few people who do this, and it just means that I have everything in one place, and don't need to go searching for it after I've got comfy with my laptop! I also chose the much smaller Treasure the little Things box, I have no idea what I will be using this for, but it's so so so gorgeous and only set me back £3.99! 

Using these pretty yet practical boxes, is a useful and purse friendly way of organising your space. The larger box only cost me £5.99, which is such a good price! If I didn't already have a home for all my lush products I'd have picked up another on the spot! When I've moved my room around and had a clear out I will be returning to grab some more!

Do you use anything similar?

*items purchased using a gift card given for PR purposes. All views and opinions are my own.

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