Monday, 29 February 2016

Dear Thomas....

This month we have celebrated both Valentines and our fourth anniversary, so today's post is dedicated to Thomas. He deserves a medal for putting up with me for so long!

So here goes Thomas, here are ten things that I am thankful for, that I never tell you enough -

1 - You're always there, when I'm happy, excited, sad, hungry... you know how to make me feel better, and you're the one person I know I can rely on all the time.
2 - You understand the blogging package, aka - you don't eat your food before taking a picture, you took 27 pictures before I think my outfit looks okay, and you don't object too much to me buying yet another lipstick.
3 - With you by my side I know that I can conquer anything I set my mind to, without you I wouldn't be at University, I wouldn't have my blog, I wouldn't be brave enough to do half of the things I do.
4 - You always make me feel loved, whether it be commenting that you like my lipstick, calling me beautiful when we go out for dinner, or by not judging me when I'm in pjs with no make up on.
5 - You understand my love for all things Marvel, Harry Potter, and you tolerate my obsession with Disney.
6 - You always say you're not romantic but you are, when you suprise me with flowers, or my favourite sweets, or book a surprise. Romanticism comes in different forms, and you get it right every time.
7 - We go on the best adventures together, and I can't wait to carry on exploring, visiting all the zoos we can, all the cinema trips, all the shows, the bowling, the forest walks. They're all perfect.
8 - When I accidentally set a goat free at Selwo, you may have laughed, and made sure everyone knew it was me and not you, but then you helped me try and get it back in, we may have failed but the effort was there!
9 - You don't moan when I steal all the covers, and all the space in the bed!
10 - You're my best friend, and I wouldn't change it for the world!

Thank you so much for everything you do Thomas,

 I love you 

Thursday, 25 February 2016

Europe - Leave or Stay?

This blog has always been more beauty based, but as I've said, I want it to be more representative of me, and politics plays a large role in my life. Since college I have had a huge interest in politics, both American and British, and from the blogs that I read and have seen, I don't think it's spoken about enough online!

Before I studied English Politics I didn't really have a clue about Britain's place in Europe, I knew about the different laws concerning moving and travelling throughout Europe, yet never understood things like why we have the pound and not the euro, and the effect that European Laws can have on ours - but it has such a huge effect on our lives without us even knowing about, that the upcoming referendum on whether we should stay or not should be taken seriously by us all! Personally, I have no idea at the moment which way I'm going to vote, as I see pros and cons on both sides of the argument, but the best advice I can give you is to do your research, see where your opinion lies, and go out and vote. Don't stay at home and ignore it because you don't understand or you don't think it effects you, as with all of the information available you have no excuse, and you have no idea the impact of the decision is going to make, either way it goes!

The Financial Times have created loads of information that can help you understand and make your decision, and they've also put together this video which gives an interesting view on what Britain has got from being part of the EU!

*in collaboration with The Financial Times

Monday, 22 February 2016

All Boxed Up | Home Spa

When I heard about this new release from All Boxed Up I couldn't wait to get my hands on one. When it landed on my doorstop? I couldn't wait to get home, and relax! They have created a beauty box solely focused on pampering and relaxing, and creating a spa like atmosphere in your own home! The products inside the box are worth a jaw dropping £119, which is more than most are willing to spend on some pamper items, which makes it amazing that this one comes in at only £19.99.

All the products are full sized, and there is no risk of an unloved product or two in this box, because trust me - they're all amazing. The Sanctuary Spa Drift Away Bath Float (rrp £10) is the perfect product for when you cannot sleep, but you know you need to, it's so relaxing in the bath and you come out ready to literally jump under the covers and sleep. Cowshed Wild Cow Invigorating Body Lotion (rrp £20) is so moisturising, and have such a luxurious feel to it. The mixture of lemongrass, Ginger and Rosemary in this one is ingenious!

Timebomb Derm Warfare Night Serum, (rrp £38) is something I cannot give a full review on yet as it takes longer than a week or two to see the effects long term on the skin, however it does live up to its claims of clearing pores, and leaves your skin feeling a lot more fresh!

I love hair treatments, and I love how my hair feels afterwards, and the Percy & Reed Lovingly Light Foaming Treatment Mask (rrp £20) may just be my favourite yet! This is so unique in it's formula and is like nothing like I've used before, but my hair looks and feels so much healthier after using this, and this is one that I'll definitely be investing in! I've never used a body oil before, let alone a dry body oil, so I was intrigued by the Pecksniffs Dry Body Oil (rrp £25). This absorbs almost instantly into your skin, and leaves you with a healthy glow to your skin, without feeling at all greasy or sticky, you won't be able to help but want to use this every evening, especially with the signature Pecksniff's scent!

Will you be looking at All Boxed up? They do loads of different boxes so there's definitely one for everyone!


Saturday, 20 February 2016

Lush Valentines Event

Lush Southampton know that us local bloggers love a new product range launch, so invited us in just in time for Valentines Day to show us all the new products, let us sniff, take photos, get a drink, and shop. Sound perfect? It was.

Prince Charming is back for a second year, but this time as a Shower Cream, meaning it's more moisturising and thicker. I loved this last year, but when smelling it in the shop hated it, however since getting it home I have fallen for it again, maybe I was just overwhelmed in the shop! Roses All The Way is a soap inspired by Alice in Wonderland, it is their first soap to be sold in individual pieces, and during use, the pink wears off and you're left with a white soap. This was a favourite amongst everyone, because the green base is unfragranced soap, which will be cut up and donated to women's shelters.

Lover Lamp is a new addition, full of cocoa butter, and with the red heart for an added touch, this one is so gorgeous, after watching a demo I'm pretty sure we all picked one up! The Kiss again was a huge hit, sticking with the well loved sugar scrub recipe, but adding in hearts and a gorgeous scent. I was kindly gifted this, but I already use the Bubblegum scrub so swapped with Anna for the lip balm equivalent!

Personal favourite part of the evening was making the Cupcake Facemark, which I always want to grab when in store, but as appealing as putting what looks and smells like chocolate on your face sounds, I've never been convinced! But after seeing everything that goes into this, I cannot wait to use my pot that I got to take home!
 And what would be an event with my favourite blogging girls without pictures? Lush have the best lighting ever! 

Top Photo - Anna, me & Lexie
Bottom Photo - Alice, me, Rachel & Brogan

Thank you so much to Lush Southampton for having me!

*some products were gifted as PR samples, others were purchased by myself. All views and opinions are my own


Thursday, 18 February 2016

Urban Decay | Naked Skin Concealer

I have seen this do the rounds in the blogging world, with so many being a fan, but I thought that as with most, there was no chance that they would produce a shade pale enough for me - when at an Urban Decay counter recently, I was gladly mistaken, and after numerous swatches to be sure, the Naked Skin Concealer came home with me. I picked up the shade Fair Neutral - the lightest one.

First, let's talk packaging and pricing, the tube is slightly smaller than I anticipated, but at the same time, a little goes a very long way with this one. With sleek metallic packaging, that somehow avoids grubby fingerprints, it definitely feels like a premium product in your hand. The concealer itself costs £17.50 which is the most expensive by quite a bit in my collection, however in comparison to bestsellers from Bobbi Brown - £19, and MAC £17.50, it's not overly costly. The foundation equivalent is £27 which is pretty good for a high end foundation, so if you're buying the two together then it does seem to work out a bit cheaper than other high end brands. The application wand itself is something that I've personally never had before, instead of the standard doe foot applicator, you instead are presented with a completely flat sponge, which makes it really easy to apply universally on your face, for blemishes etc I would always apply to the back of my hand first to stay hygienic, but with any dark circles, or redness, I got straight in with the applicator!

This concealer has really opened my eyes in terms of base work, excuse the pun! But when using this I have never looked more awake, it covers any trace of dark circles, and does not crease, move, or oxidise at all during the day. I can finish an evening shift at work, and my face looks exactly the same as before I started - perfect! It blends so beautifully into the skin that you can really tell why they call the range the naked skin, because it looks so natural on your face. I'm really hoping that the lightest shade of foundation is a colour match, because if the concealer is anything to go by then I may have finally solved my foundation woes.


Saturday, 13 February 2016

Boots Hauling

I'm putting myself on a self-imposed spending ban, mainly because I have some really lovely bits in my collection that I want to actually use, so expect lots of Shop my Stash posts! However I needed a new eyebrow pencil and concealer, so took a quick trip to Boots, the Seventeen Stay Time Concealer is my favourite, actually goes light enough (hoorah!), full coverage, doesn't crease and doesn't oxidise. Did I mention it comes in at £4.49?! If you haven't tried this yet then you need to.

One Heck of a Blot is a primer that I've heard a lot about, it's purse friendly at £10, and claims to be an 'instant perfecting power primer', when applying this to the back of the hand, it definitely smooths the area, and creates a much more even base! They also say that this can be used before makeup, after makeup, and throughout the day as a touch up! In all honesty I will only be using this before makeup, as I don't want to risk it moving other products whilst blending, but first impressions are good of this one! Brow Archery is one that we all know lots about, I've used this one before so was simply a repurchase as I know it works wonders for me, the tiny nib means it is easy to create a natural look, but also build to a strong brow. This is seen as a dupe for the Anastasia Beverly Hills version, and coming in at only £8, this is a steal!

Have you brought anything new recently?


Thursday, 11 February 2016

Rosie For Autograph

When Rosie Huntington-Whitely announced the launch of her make-up range for Marks & Spencers I knew I had to have it, and sharpish. Most celebrity ranges aren't the best of quality, and fizzle out rather quickly, however after the success and popularity of her lingerie range - which is beautiful and makes up the majority of my underwear drawer - I expected great things from this range.

I picked up two pieces, I really wanted a lipstick but thought I'd be good and only get two things for now... runs back to M&S

The first thing which caught my eye didn't have a tester, but I'd seen it online and just knew I needed it, Copper Gold Rush is a gorgeous quad comprising of three shimmers and a matte shade too. This one stuck out to  me in particular because of the rose gold/berry shade in the top right, it's so gorgeous and can be built up for a really bold look, or blended for a subtle eye too! They are all very pigmented, blend like a dream, and all of them work well on their own, or by combining all four. This palette comes in at £18 which I was very aware of, as it's more expensive than your typical highstreet quad, however the quality definitely warrants the cost, and I'd say in terms of quality this is comparable to my Charlotte Tilbury quad! Plus, rose gold packaging? Every bloggers nightmare to photograph, but it looks amazing in your makeup collection so can get away with it. 

Funnily enough earlier that morning I had come to the end of my eyebrow pencil, and so when I saw this and had a swatch I couldn't resist picking one up. It's creamy but doesn't budge which is ideal, and with a spoolie on the other end it means that it's everything you need! Unfortunately for me, the shades had been placed in the wrong section meaning I left with a brown shade, which is far too dark for my fair brows, however I have been using this as an eyeliner which works well too, so all is not lost! This is £10 which I think is pretty reasonable as the Soap & Glory brow archery is £8 and you get less product!

When I brought these bits I got a free rose gold makeup bag as I had brought two items from the range so pop to your local store and see if you can grab the same offer!

Are you wanting anything in particular from the range?

Monday, 8 February 2016

Valentines Day Gift Guide

Now Valentines Day is not everyone's cup of tea, personally I really enjoy it. I don't believe that we should take it as an excuse to only show the person you love that day, but I enjoy dedicating a single day for a nice dinner, and some quality time together. Now I know that again, gifts aren't for everyone, but I love browsing all of the gorgeous products that come out around Valentines, so thought I'd put this post together. I've also created two sections, one for subtly thoughtful and gorgeous gifts, and another one slightly more romantic.

- A lovely print is a subtle but lovely way of making someone smile, this one is from etsy.
2 - Again, a subtle way of a Valentines gift, this plate is from Homesense.
3 - I've wanted an Emma Bridgewater heart mug for as long as I can remember, hint hint ;) 
4 - There's something so classic about the alphabetised candles, but I love love love them! This one is from Next.
5 - This one is for those who aren't a fan of the hearts or overly obvious gifts, but the second I saw this lamp I fell in love. Again, this is from Homesense, so if you are looking for an alternative gift, then pop into your local store!

1 - Red Roses are a Valentines Classic, and don't forget that you can get 25% discount on Debenhams range using the code DFBLOG25
2 - I think these cookie cutters are adorable! You can use them for cookies, or I even thought to leave an imprint in some pancakes or something! Although expensive for what they are, you can reuse these over and over again! 
3 - Not On The Highstreet have so much choice, but personalised candles make a gorgeous gift that will last forever as you can reuse the jar after you have burned the candle!
4 - Up last is what could be the most romantic yet, take something so simple and purse friendly as this love jar, but fill it with little notes, either memories of your adventures together, or things you love about your other half.

Saturday, 6 February 2016

Instagram | January

I've never done one of these before, but I'm determined to be uploading to Instagram more this year, you can follow me here if you like you know you want to! So each month I will be doing an overview of the backstory to my Instagram pictures!

1 - One morning was spent on a lovely but chilly walk in The New Forest, resulting in one of my favourite pictures of Thomas and I.
2 - Taken the same day, I don't like my face in this at all, I look awful! But I love this outfit, and is one of the most liked this month!
3 - This is one of my Christmas presents, which I couldn't help but share.
4 - New Years Resolutions, cheesy, but already working!
5 - 2015 beauty favourites, full of beautiful very photographable pieces - dreamy!
6 - Vice 4, needs no explanation.
7 - I thought £2.50 on a hand sanitiser was absurd, but it smells good enough to justify the price tag! Grab one now!
8 - Obligatory Lush picture, you can't go in without taking one, right?
9 - I need to pick up a Dr. Paw Paw ASAP!
10 - After a lovely evening at The Hut Beefeater, my first restaurant review went live!
11 - Velvet Teddy - why did it take me so long to buy it?!
12 - Reminiscing over the time when I wasn't nearly out of my all time favourite lipstick :(

Until next month, 

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Thursday, 4 February 2016

Homesense | Solving Storage Problems

A new year tends to come with a spring clean? Rare occasion in my room! However, after a trip to Homesense, I am feeling inspired, I suddenly want everything tidied away in a stack of these gorgeous boxes! The first ones I spotted were the ones that were constructed to look like leather bound books, I think these would be perfect to store all your paperwork away in, and have a few of them together on the bottom of a bookshelf! 

Then you have the more lustworthy, with rose gold detailing, polka dots, and cute phrases. I picked up two boxes this time round, first being the pink and rose gold spotted box, which is generously sized so has become my 'blogging box', so where I will put everything that I am going to be blogging about, which is such a good idea (don't mind me blowing my own trumpet), I know quite a few people who do this, and it just means that I have everything in one place, and don't need to go searching for it after I've got comfy with my laptop! I also chose the much smaller Treasure the little Things box, I have no idea what I will be using this for, but it's so so so gorgeous and only set me back £3.99! 

Using these pretty yet practical boxes, is a useful and purse friendly way of organising your space. The larger box only cost me £5.99, which is such a good price! If I didn't already have a home for all my lush products I'd have picked up another on the spot! When I've moved my room around and had a clear out I will be returning to grab some more!

Do you use anything similar?

*items purchased using a gift card given for PR purposes. All views and opinions are my own.

Monday, 1 February 2016

January Favourites

January has been a but of an odd month for me! I feel as if I haven't actually done anything all month because I only started uni again last week, and so there's nothing that isn't beauty that stuck out for me, however there are quite a few beauty items!

Vice 4, I've spoken about this here so I won't go on about it, head over to read and see for yourself why I love this one so much! Define & Conquer Contour Kit has been perfect to help put some shape into my face and give me some cheekbones - nice and natural and doesn't have a muddy finish! Two new bits are Bobbi Brown - Bikini Pink, and Soap and Glory Thick & Fast Mascara, both of these have become staple items, and warrant their own review each, so those are coming soon! Rimmel Wake Me Up isn't my favourite concealer, but after running out of my normal this month, this kept me going until I made a Boots trip, and I remembered why I do like this one so much, it has a really good coverage especially over redness, but personally I think for an under the eye concealer it is slightly too dark for me, but is perfect for covering any blemishes! Finally, I have been loving a glory finish this month, so Revlon's Highlighting Palette saw a lot of use! Again, there is a review here, so head over to read a more in-depth review!

Do you have any recommendations for me this month?

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