Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Prairie Charms - Stocking Stuffers

When an email landed in my inbox from Prairie Charms with the information for the stocking stuffers, I couldn't wait to order one, the premise is that you have no idea what is coming, you receive 3-5 individually wrapped parcels that you can give away as Christmas presents, and it only costs £5! When mine arrived, me and my mum shared out the parcels, and opened them early!

 I received the cutest bow in the world, adorned with reindeer, which I've already planned to wear on Christmas day, a gingerbread necklace that is too short for me so is back under the tree to go to a living home, a star clip which my mum has claimed, and also two gorgeous hair bobbles!

The only two things I wouldn't personally use are the star grip, but my mum wanted this one anyway, and the gingerbread man necklace, and that's only because it's too short, because IT IS AMAZING! This is actually my first purchase from Prairie Charms, but it certainly won't be my last!!


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