Saturday, 12 December 2015

Lush Christmas Haul

I've been picking up bits and pieces from the Lush Winter Range since it dropped, but last week I was feeling terrible, I was in Southampton, and we had to go to Lush to pick up some presents, and I just kept adding to my basket! So White is my absolute favourite, any one of my friends can tell you how much I love the crisp apple scent of the white ball of heaven, *spoiler alert* it is more exciting inside! Golden Wonder is one that I pick up once a year, mainly due to the cost, it is a lot larger than their standard products, and if you shake the box you can hear the surprises inside rattling away!

Father Christmas is one of the winter favourites, with a sweet scent and a cute santa face, however the claim to be snow fairy scented?! I personally don't sniff it, I don't particularly like the scent of Luxury Lush Pud as it is Lavender, however if a batch comes in that isn't particularly strongly scented I do tend to pick one up as they make some of the most beautiful baths. Finally, I couldn't not pick one up, it's snow fairy scented, reusable, pink, gives bubbles, and in the shape of a star?! Magic Wand speaks for itself, but the one thing I will say is that I'm unsure of the glitter addition this year, fingers crossed it won't stick to either me or the bath!

lush christmas
lush golden wonder
lush father christmas

What are your favourites of the Winter Range?


  1. I haven't got anything from the winter range yet! Really been failing on the bath front, I will get some soon! x

    Jasmin Charlotte x

    1. How?! ;) waiting on the boxing day sale? Definitely worth ten minutes on your phone!! xxx


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