Thursday, 31 December 2015

2015 Highlights

This year in general has been amazing, yes there's been lows, I'm not going to pretend that at times it's not been hard, lots of people have left my life, but lots of new ones have come into it, there is nothing to be ashamed of, it's your life, and what's happened has shaped who you are now, so today I thought I would share with you my high points of 2015.

1 - My birthday this year was spent in Puerto Banus with Tom, I had an incredible time and loved every second of being there, this picture was taken at Selwo Aventura which was the best zoo/safari park I've ever been to.
2 - This year has been full of blog events and fun things blog related, one of the most memorable was an evening spent at 'blingo', it definitely wasn't what we had expected, but we spent the night in hysterics laughing, and all quite glad we didn't win!
3 - I've met so many wonderful girls this year through blogging, and I couldn't be happier I've met them, this picture is from the Soton Bloggers Meet Up back in August, and these are the girls I met beforehand for a coffee and a chat! There are definitely a few faces missing from these pictures, but it's impossible for us all to be at an event together, everyones too busy!
4 - As I said, I love all the girls I've met through blogging, but these two are particularly fab ;) Alice and Rachel just get it, whether we're having coffee or food, these girls never fail to put a smile on my face, and also share the bad pictures of my face....
5 - Then you've got Lexie & Anna, equally as lovely, this was taken on Pub Golf, they're so much fun and there's never a dull moment with them around, and they also put up with me shopping in London in September too so hats off to them!
6- I never really go into much detail about Tom, but he's my rock, we've been together 4 years in February and I genuinely wouldn't know what I'd do without him, he's there supporting me in everything I do, and he always knows what to do and say. We've had a year full of adventures and memories, and I cannot wait for another.

What have been your highlights of 2015?


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