Monday, 7 September 2015

Blogging Life

When I started blogging last January, I never thought it would lead to anything, I couldn't imagine myself working with brands, attending events and let alone making friends. Over a year and a half later and I've met some of the most amazing girls who I attend events with, and meet brands with too! 

Below are some of the loveliest people I could ever wish to meet, and I've met them all through the Southampton Bloggers, they're all fabulous and so welcoming! There's the ones I speak to daily, and the ones I frequently tweet and see at events. If you're a blogger and feel a bit alone, find your local network, because there will be one, and there will be people just like you, and after all, there's nothing better than having so many people in your life with so many things in common with!

There are a lot of girls here, so head over to sotonbloggers on twitter and you'll find them all!


  1. Love you girl! Really don't know what I'd do without you, so glad I met you xxx

  2. Aw Jess this is so cute and very true! Love you xx

  3. Aww Jess, this is such a lovely post!! Love you girl, my first blogging friend!!xxx


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