Thursday, 12 March 2015

MAC Cinderella


Friday morning I woke up ridiculously early, waiting for the launch, and when it finally went live I went into ninja mode, and managed to get the two pieces I wanted!!

As soon as I saw the press releases, I knew that these lipsticks were destined to be mine, as I always say, I am a nude lip addict, and these are perfect! A lot of people instantly took a disliking, but I think that it's perfect, I think the packaging is beautiful, with the iridescent shimmer, and I think that the shades throughout the whole range are perfect, Cinderella isn't the princess to come out with bold make-up, but keeping it neutral and understated! 

L-R Free As A Butterfly & Royal Ball
T-B Royal Ball & Free As A Butterfly, one swipe of each.

I think that these shades work perfectly for my skin, and I am super excited to go see the film now! The collection launches in counters and stores in the UK tomorrow - Friday 13th. I hope everyone who wants to get some can manage it, I know me and my friends are going to be waiting for when John Lewis opens because they want some!!

lots of love,
Jessica xxx

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