Thursday, 29 January 2015

What's In My Bag


So I recently got a new bag, and I've fallen in love, so thought I would show you what I keep in it. I use this bag both for University and for day-to-day life, and this was just a normal day so you won't see a notepad etc.

I got this bag online from H&M because they didn't have it in my local store, and I think it's perfect! 
You can get it HERE

You get two side compartments, and the main part of the bag.

In the front pocket I keep my iPad Mini in a case from Hobbs, my USB stick, yes that is an Iron Man head, and at the moment there is a Hollister Giftcard from something I returned.

In the back pocket I keep some painkillers - always handy to have, and also a couple of pens.

My essentials - my diary, post it notes to jot down things to do that don't apply to just one day, my glasses because I can't see without them, and there's always a few train tickets lying around from where I commute to Uni!

Now I have more room in my bag, my gloves come absolutely everywhere with me because it is far too cold not to have them! I also carry a deodorant, which is currently the Lynx woman one which actually smells really nice, and I also take my Hollister Body Spray, this is the Silver Strand Beach scent, and I've never sprayed it and someone not compliment it, these appear quite costly but I use this daily and I've had it nearly a year now so it's definitely worth it!

What happened.....

So, in the moving from camera to laptop, my final picture has disappeared and I haven't had the chance to retake I'm afraid! :( 

But I also have my purse, which you can see back in my London Haul early in 2014, my trusty Tangle Teezer, and also my Beats headphones because I cannot stand walking anywhere without music!

I hope you're all enjoying this different kind of posts as I'm really enjoying doing them!

lots of love,
Jess xxx


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