Monday, 1 December 2014

etre belle Liplift Peel


As I said, this is the beginning of daily posts for the festive month! Up today we have the etre belle liplift peel

I think that I first received this in some form of beauty box, and never really used it until the other day when I had a major clear out of my make-up and skincare and rediscovered it. This is very similar to a lip scrub, like the LUSH bubblegum one for example, but the reason that I have been picking this up instead recently, is at night time I prefer to not have such a sweet strong scent on my lips, and this does the exact same function, with the same effect!

A lip peel/scrub is essential in the colder months to keep your lips super soft, and therefore it will help your lipstick stay on a lot longer!

available here

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