Friday, 12 December 2014

Bargain vs Blow-out


So, blemishes and breakouts are every girls worst nightmare, and I've spent years trying to find the perfect treatment, I've had these two for a few months now, so thought I'd play them off against eachother!

The Witch Blemish Stick costs £2.50 and I picked it up in my local tescos, The main put off for me is the practicality of the product, you push the product up from below, and then when you're finished you then have to push it back down. At first, the product feels weird to be applying straight to your face, but after a few uses the corners round out, and it applies smoothly! This does a really good job at preventing any upcoming spots that you can see under the skin, but not so well at the ones that are already there!

The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil is £7. Application of the product is again a bit annoying, where you only need a tiny bit, you have to stand there shaking for ages to get some product out.This does mean that there is no wasted product though, so there's a silver lining to that cloud! This oil works wonders on all spots, the only thing I would say is that if there is any broken skin then this can definitely sting!

Overall, I would recommend both products, but for me the winner is the Body Shop Tea Tree Oil, as it works faster, and works on all blemishes and spots! P.S if you sign up to the Body Shop Newsletter then you will get emailed lots of offers to save you some money!

lots of love,
Jess xxx


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