Saturday, 27 December 2014

Balmi - Coconut


I hope you've all had an amazing christmas!

On Christmas Eve- Eve I popped into Topshop as I could see that they had started to organise their sale, and spotted a clear plastic bauble that had the Coconut Balmi Lip Balm in, and I had wanted one of these since February, when I made the impossible choice between an EOS and a Balmi. Since then, I have not seen the point in spending £5 on one when I had the EOS. So when I saw the £2 label I just couldn't resist! I'm not a major fan of the coconut scent which is why I'm glad that it's not an overpowering scent. This is super nourishing, and at the moment it's a bit easier to apply than the EOS due to the pointed tip, but I'm sure that this will even itself out the more I use this one! I would definitely recommend seeing if you can pick one of these up, especially at such a good price!

lots of love,
Jess xxx


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