Sunday, 30 November 2014

Harvey Nichols Glossybox


As you all know, I recently made the decision to cancel my subscription to Glossybox, but when they emailed me with the Harvey Nichols Glossybox, I HAD to get one - right?

This cost £35 and P&P, and I know that sounds like a lot of money, but it was worth over £150!!!!

- Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream - this is an anti-ageing product, and Elemis is such a popular brand that I'm super excited to start using this, and I'm determined to make the sample last a long time!
- O.P.I Nail Varnish - Viking in a Vinter Vonterland - This is such a gorgeous colour, this instantly went onto my nails, and I love O.P.I products, they are such a good quality and they last forever!
- NARS Satin Lip Pencil - Rikugien - This was one of the main attractions of the box for me, and it is so nearly a full size one! This is a gorgeous colour, and looks quite brown, but when applied it is a definite 'your lips but better' colour! 

- Macademia Natural Oil - Healing Oil Treatment - I've been wanting to try out the Macademia Oil for a while now, and this gives me the perfect opportunity to try it out before taking the plunge and buying a full size!
- Benefit They're Real Mascara - This is my all time favourite mascara, and I'm glad for a mini version as it is perfect to just pop in your bag for a top up throughout the day!
- Laura Mercier Foundation Primer - I received this in a previous beauty box, and I instantly fell in love! I love the consistency of this primer, and it makes your foundation last SO long! I would definitely recommend this!

- Radial Bee Venom Moisturiser - I'm loving bee venom products at the moment, so this will definitely be used up, but I'm hoping to find a slightly cheaper alternative.
- Dermalogica Overnight Repair Serum - I always hover around the Dermalogica counter, but it's a lot of money to spend if you've never used any of the products before, so I was happy that I received this, and it's not too bad a sample size either!
- Orgnx Coconut & Macadamia Oil - Intensive Repair Treatment - I love a good hair treatment, and there is so much in this sachet that I'm going to pop this into a pot and hopefully it will last a couple of uses!

- Harvey Nichols Limited Edition Candle - I love this, it smells very christmassy, and I'm going to save this one for burning whilst having a nice relaxing bath!
- Show Lux - Volume Mousse - I've never really used Mousse, and actually brought one the other day when it was in the sale, and then this beauty arrived! This is £30 to buy........ £30!!! The tin is so gorgeous that this is going to stay on my dressing table for years after it runs out!

So that's everything that I got in the limited edition box, I'm afraid that it's actually sold out now, but I would definitely recommend getting one of their collaboration boxes as they never fail to impress!

Coming Soon - Blogmas!

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Jess xxx


Saturday, 29 November 2014



Recently, I received a sample product from in a Birchbox, and unfortunately had a reaction to a product, and as an apology, they generously sent me over some goodies!

Shave Cream - I handed this over to Tom as I know he has irritation whilst shaving, so I can't comment on this I'm afraid!
Glycolic Facial Cleanser - this is step 1 (Cleanse) of their 4 step routine, and is a very natural cleanser, containing vitamins A,C and E for nourishment and protection
Purifying Astringent Pads - This is step 2 (tone) I've never  seen pads for a toner, but I'm currently loving Pads as they are less abrasive on the skin, 
Oil Free Facial Lotion - Stage 3 (Moisturize) This is to control any shine on your face which will then prolong the lasting power of your make up, double winner!
Deep Pore Cleansing Clay - Stage 4 (Treat) This is a lovely face mask which claims to erase any impurities! 

They also threw in a few samples for me to try out too!

Invigorating Hair + Body Wash - This has a lovely scent to it, being a very masculine one however, so this will be left on the side for Tom when he stays over!
Facial Scrub - This smells incredible!! I am a bit wary going in as I tend to avoid scrubs due to their abbrasive nature, but this one doesn't actually feel too bad so hopefully it'll be fine!
Instant Fix Oil Control - This is similar to the lotion above, but this is a lot more lightweight, and you only apply this to the needed areas!
Anti-Wrinkle Glycolic Peptide Serum - This is going to be really useful to keep the youthful look to my skin! I will use this sparingly to the eye area, and the frown lines on my forehead!

Through their huge generosity, Anthony have completely renewed my skincare routine, and I would just like to say a massive thank you for their amazing customer service, and for sending me so many amazing products! Be sure to check them out here

Coming soon - Harvey Nichols Glossybox

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Jess xxx


Friday, 28 November 2014

The Bargain Palette


A few weeks ago I picked up this amazing palette after seeing lots of bloggers etc picking it up, and I'd been searching in all of my local stores, and online and it was sold out everywhere, until I went to show it to a friend and realised that it was finally back in stock! 

This is a gorgeous palette that comes in at just £8 and is from Make up Revolution which I got from Superdrug! All of these colours are super wearable, ranging from the classic nudes to the wintery berry shades! There is also a mix of shimmer and matte shades, and the black shades essential for the infamous smoky eye!

I personally love this palette, and it is so handy with the gorgeous large mirror perfect to use when doing all of your make up. The only bad thing I have to say is that it's annoying that the lid isn't stiff enough so you have to prop it up against something, but apart from that this has become one of my staples!


As I said in my last post, I have a super exciting plan for Christmas this year! I am going to be posting every single day, and each day is going to be an item/thing/event/place that I have loved during 2014! This will begin on the 1st December and running until the 31st!

Thank you for reading today's post, and be sure to check back!

Coming soon - Anthony Skincare

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Friday, 21 November 2014

Nip and Fab


There has been a significant lack of posts recently, and that's because I felt like I had lost my mojo, but I am back, with lots of enthusiasm to get back into blogging, and some very exciting plans for Christmas posts!!!

Today I am talking about Nip + Fab, I've had my eye on a few of their products for a while now, and I discovered that my local Tesco's had them all at 50% off the other week, so I picked a few up.

Deep Cleansing Fix, Glycolic Fix Exfoliation Pads and Bee Sting Eye Cream.

I had been looking for a new cleanser for a while, and I love this one, as it acts as a cleanser similar to the Hot Cloth Cleansers, and as a moisturiser, and you can also apply a thin layer and leave it overnight! This gave my skin an instance radiance and just pumped a lot of hydration back into my skin, which is essential for me as I get very dry skin in the colder months.

I don't get along with exfoliators, I never have - I have ery sensitive skin so I can find them to be very abrasive and rough on my skin, so tend to avoid them, until I saw these pads! This is perfect for anyone with very sensitive skin as they are very soft, and do not dry out, again these came with an instant effect for me, as I could see my skin becoming a lot clearer, and made me feel more comfortable when not wearing any make-up.

I love a good Eye Cream: fact! I love the Benefit It's Potent but I have two tester pots, and when I have long nails it is impossible to get any product out, and I have heard nothing but praise for the Bee Sting range. This has actually become my favourite eye cream, and it really helps to reduce puffiness and redness which is a necessity for a student who has to wake up early and spends half the night watching crap on the tv!

I love these products, and I'm hoping to pick up a few more if I see some offers! I would highly recommend these to everyone, with all skin types! Feel free to ask me any questions and give me your recommendations!!

Coming Soon - The Bargain Palette

Lots of love,
Jess xxx


Tuesday, 11 November 2014



First things first, I owe you all an apology! I've been a bit MIA for the past week or so, and it's purely because I have a lot of University work due in the next few weeks, so I'm afraid there will not be three posts a week at the moment - but I have a couple lined up so I'm going to be going for 1 a week, and possibly 2 if I can squeeze in the time!

Today, I am talking about the launch of Ruth Crilly's dry shampoo range - COLAB. As a blogger, it is a natural instinct when another Blogger releases a product to want to try it out, and after reading so many amazing reviews, I had to get some for myself. It was actually on offer on Superdrug, so go check if you can save a bit of money!

The product itself is revolutionary for dry shampoo, the white mist and grey patches are long gone, with the rise of the clear spray! This leaves no discoloured residue on the hair at all, and this gives you hair an amazing texture, which makes it perfect for freshly washed hair too! There are 4 different scents, all names aptly after a city, as you can see I picked up Rio (tropical) and New York (fruity). They are not at all overpowering, but it just makes it a little more special when applying!

I also love the design of the product, with the different colours and patterns distinguishing between the variations, these look lovely on your dressing table - especially if you have the whole collection!

I am relatively new to the world of dry shampoo, as I never saw the benefits, and until this, the Aussie range has been my favourite, but this has by far overtaken! I would highly recommend this to everyone - whether you are planning on using it for just adding a bit of texture, or to refresh day old hair! This is now a staple in my hair care routine!

Coming Soon - Nip & Fab

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Jess xxx

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