Monday, 27 October 2014

Beauty Boxes - Worth it?


Sorry this is a day late!! My phone broke and wouldn't turn on meaning no alarm, which meant that I had 15 minutes to get ready yesterday morning, and I didn't get the chance to get it up before I went out for the day!!

Since I've been blogging, beauty boxes have been a monthly staple in my posts, with Glossybox from the start, and Birchbox accompanying them for the last few months. I've recently reorganised my make up collection, and realised how much product I actually have, amongst baskets and baskets of skin care, and bath pieces, and samples upon samples upon samples of numerous other bits. It was upon this discovery that I made the decision to terminate my subscription to both my beloved Glossybox and Birchbox.

Both boxes are £10 each a month and then an additional £2.95 for delivery.


I've had Glossybox since last June, and I've always loved the excitement of that little pink box arriving! Glossybox have always been the ones for me that help introduce me to new exciting brands, as well as the traditional well loved ones! One annoying thing about them, is that they are extremely fond of Nail Varnishes, and those tiny Perfume samples :( Apart from that, I've only ever had one problem with them which is when they sent me a blusher which broke, and another item which wasn't in my box, but they were really good with it, and instantly sent out replacements and even a few extra bits thrown in to apologise! One of the things I love the most about Glossybox is the themes every other month, and the gorgeous box designs! I have told myself that I'm allowed the occasional box if it's a very good one!


I decided to grab this one, as I had a discount voucher for my first box, and then thought, I'll keep it going until I get a bit fed up. Birchbox for me, brings out more of the well known and loved brands such as Benefit etc, and I also love their reward scheme of money to spend in the shop on the products! I found that Birchbox was working out at having the most value each month, as they are very fond of the high end luxury brands unlike Glossybox who include brands such as Essence etc. The standout thing for me with Birchbox, is the lifestyle extra, I think it is such a cute idea and seperates them from the other beauty boxes out there!

I think that beauty boxes are a brilliant concept, and the fact that both offer a one month rolling contract means that you can just cancel at any point when you are satisfied, and also they both have their reward schemes which means either a free box or money to spend on products! As I said, if I see a box that stands out for me, then I will definitely pick up the occasional one, but for now, I'm going to concentrate on making the most out of all the products I own, and to replace my monthly posts on them, I am going to be putting up looks incorporating some of the products I have gained from them!

Coming Soon - Real Techniques Duo Fibre Set

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Lots of love,
Jess xxx


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