Tuesday, 7 October 2014



Recently, I picked up a few bits from The Body Shop, because I had to get a couple of bits for the giveaway I ran, and I had a voucher meaning I could get myself some bits for free! After reading a lot of mixed reviews, I finally picked up the ALL-IN-ONE BB CREAM.

I'm very on the fence as to whether I like this product or not, I've been using it most mornings, hoping it will improve my opinion...

I don't like the texture of this as you are blending it into the skin, but on the back of my hand I do, and I also find that it doesn't give me any coverage like you would expect from a BB Cream, so instead I have been using this as a primer, as I have noted that this evens out my skin, and also prolongs the coverage of my foundation. Overall, I don't think that I will be repurchasing this product, as I don't think that it actually fulfills its purpose, and it's definitely not good enough to be used as a primer in comparison to others I have such as the POREfessional.

£12 available here

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