Tuesday, 30 September 2014

A few little bits...


Happy Tuesday lovelies! As you might already know, I am a full time University Student, and yesterday was the day when my loan came in - yaaaay! So I decided to treat myself to a couple of bits when I was in town!

Also - I finally got myself a proper camera!! So as you can, the quality of the pictures is much better, but please do bare with me as I'm only just getting used to it!

MAC Studio Fix Fluid

I've been lusting after this for so long now, and I told myself I wasn't going to buy anything today, but after matching my shade yet again, I gave in! I'm actually suprised that I finally managed to find my shade, as I had to get NW10 as I have such pale skin! I'm so excited to try this out, and I'll definitely be including this in some looks that I have planned coming up.

NW10 - £21.50 & £4.50 for the pump

Lush Cosmetics - Space Girl

I absolutely love this bath bomb, it's one of my all time favourites, but I haven't picked it up in a while because I've been obsessed with Granny Takes a Dip, but after seeing these in the Southampton store, they had more glitter than I've ever seen on one so I couldn't resist! The scent reminds me of Palma Violets and I think that this one is perfect for a nice relaxing bath, rather than a spectacular colour show.


Lush Cosmetics - Fizzbanger

I've never really taken much notice of this in stores, but this was right at the front of the display, and the scent was so lovely and strong that I just had to get it! It smells so citrus-y and I can't wait to use it, after reading about popping candy and a range of different scents coming through!


So that's what I picked up yesterday, if you have any recommendations for any products at all, then please let me know, as I'm looking to make some new discoveries!

Coming Soon - Lip Favourites

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Lots of love,
Jess xxx


Wednesday, 24 September 2014

The Glamour Beauty Power List 2014


Today I'm talking about one of the most exciting things I've brought recently! After lusting after all of the previous Glamour boxes but only finding them after they've sold out, I was ecstatic when I managed to get my hands on this one!

I love the design of this box, and how professional and chic it looks!

Philip Kingsley - Daily Damage Defence Conditioning Spray

I was really excited when I first saw that this was featured, as I received a Philip Kingsley product in a recent Glossybox. I haven't had the chance to give this a go yet, as I've just found the perfect haircare routine, but I've recently brought a few new bits, so I'm going to introduce all of these new products together.

Bourjois Volume 1 Seconde Mascara

Mascara is definitely my weak point when it comes to make-up, I cannot resist getting the latest mascara to perfect my lashes! I am lucky enough to have long lashes with a curl naturally, so I look for a mascara to just emphasize them, and this does this perfectly! I would 10000% recommend this, and my beloved They're Real has been long forgotten since!

James Read Sleep Mask Tan

I really can't see myself using this, as I embrace my ever pale complexion, but I think that this is such a handy essential to have in the draw, in case I ever do find myself looking a bit more tanned. I might feature this in the spring maybe?

Laura Mercier Foundation Primer

I am one of those girls that stands at the counter lusting after every single product, and walks away with a heavy heart and a sad face, so you can just picture my happiness when I saw the size of this! At first application, I really didn't like the texture of this when applied to my skin, but I think that this is partly due to my love of POREfessional, but this makes such a flawless base, and makes the foundation stay all day, I will definitely be repurchasing this!

Nude Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick

At first, I thought that this was going to be a bit too nude for my liking, as I am very fond of a slightly pink lip, but I actually really like this, especially paired with the ModelCo lipgloss I received in my September Birchbox! I might take a trip to Boots and see if I can pick up any of the other shades.

Eyeko Mascara Off Eye Make-up Remover Wipes

I've heard such good things about these nifty little wipes, but I still haven't given them a go yet :( I have a valid reason though - I've been having a major skincare detox, with only using my standard Garnier Micellar Water, and it's having such positive effects on my skin! So in a week or so I'm going to slowly reintroduce other products back in, and I think I'll probably start with these!

Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser

This little parcel is just the cutest! I have the limited edition version of this, but have wanted to give this one a go for a while now, and this little package does the job perfectly! You get a sample size bottle of the product, and also a full size Muslin Cloth Cleanser which is so perfect!

Glamour Annual Ipad Subscription

They were also generous enough to include a free years subscription to the iPad edition of Glamour, meaning that on the boring train to Uni every morning, I can get my fix of Glamour once a month!


Overall I have absolutely loved this beauty box, and I'm definitely going to be more on the ball for their future boxes!

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Coming soon - Haircare Routine

Lots of love, 
Jess xxx

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

September Birchbox


I'm not sure if I mentioned, but I've been considering cancelling my birchbox subscription recently, as I've not been completely happy with the products I've received, I'm not saying they're bad products - as they're not, they're all lovely, but I've been feeling as if I'm getting better value from my Glossybox, and then the September Box dropped!!

This months theme was HAPPY DAYS and I love the teal design of the box this time round!

Urban Fruit - Smashing Strawberry

Sorry about the weird picture for this one, but Thomas nabbed these straight away so I had to quickly snap a picture! I think that little treats like these are a nice extra to break up the theme of the boxes, but I'm also glad that these don't come at the expense of a beauty product, as I do pay for a beauty box after all!

Birchbox Photoclip

I think that this is a really cute lifestyle extra, and is extremely fitting with the overriding theme of memories, and keeping and displaying pictures etc. I plan on popping this on my desk that I use for uni work, so when I'm in the middle of a boring essay, I can look up and see one of my favourite memories!

available here for FREE!

Agave - Healing Oil Treatment

I've been on the look out for a sample of a Hair Oil for a while now, as I have read lots of mixed reviews of the effects etc, and didn't want to commit to purchasing a large, fairly expensive one and then it not work for me, so I'm going to give it a go, and you'll probably hear about it if I decide to get one!

available here for £16

Korres - Citrus Body Milk

When I first smelt this, I immediately associated it when masculine products, due to the heavy citrus scent, but after seeing that it was a body milk, I quickly corrected myself - my boyfriend certainly doesn't use a body milk! I gave this a go, not expecting to be a massive fan of it, but I was actually pleasantly suprised! I think that this is going to be perfect as it gets colder and you start feeling all bunged up, as I find the scent very refreshing and it made me feel a lot more alert!

available here for £9.50

Benefit - It's Potent! Eye Cream

I'm not sure if I've mentioned this in a previous post, but I already have a tester pot this size, and I absolutely love it! It is a very heavy consistency, so I do prefer to only use this one at night time, as I like my make-up to feel very lightweight during the day. I think these posts are such a handy size, but one thing I would say is that if you have long nails then you have a bit of a mission trying to get some product onto your finger tips, if I get this, then I tend to use like a cotton bud and then all is good again!

available here for £25.50

ModelCo Lip Lacquer - Morocco

I actually got to choose this item this month! Brownie points awarded to Birchbox! I chose this colour as it is very nude, and I love it! I've only worn this on top of a lipstick at the minute, but I might give it a go by itself tomorrow, the pigmentation is very good, and there is no sticky residue left behind, and you don't have to worry about smudging whilst drinking etc.

available here - sold out :(

Beauty Blender

I've been hoping for one of these since I saw that on my first month's subscription a lot of people had received one and I was green with envy! After reading such incredible reviews for months now, I've been reluctant to purchase a high street alternative like the Real Techniques Complexion Perfection Sponge. I think it's also so handy that it comes with the solid cleanser, and this means that you can ensure that it is clean every time you use it! I haven't had the chance to use this yet, as I've been working so many extra hours all week, and I want to give it enough time so that I can fully experiment and see how I will use this!

So that's what I received this month guys, I think that Birchbox has redeemed itself for now, but I am seriously considering either cancelling either Glossybox or Birchbox, and then if there is a month that I really want, then I can just pick that one up!

Coming soon - The Glamour Beauty Power List

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Jess xxx


Sunday, 21 September 2014

Keep it Kind

Hey guys!!

I've been in contact with Keep it Kind, and they have been generous enough to send me out a few products to tell you all about!

Their range is based at ages 8-16, but I think that they are very transitional products, that those my age and above can also make great use of!

I was lucky enough to receive both a roll-on and a spray, and at first I was expecting to get the most use out of the spray, as having experienced roll-ons years ago, I have memories of stickiness and just no thank you! However, this was not the case with this one. Both products over perform on the promised 24 hour odour protection, and it's such aan extra bonus that they are made from all natural products. 

I would definitely recommend giving these products a try, and don't be turned off by the advertisement for the younger teens, as they work perfectly for me!

I would like to thank Keep it  Kind yet again for sending me the products, and giving me the opportunity to give these products a go, and I look forward to working with them again in the future!

The products are available - here & in over 500 Boots stores!

Coming soon - September Birchbox

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Jess xxx


Thursday, 18 September 2014

September Glossybox


Sorry that this is a bit late in the day, but I have a valid excuse! I have been at work all day, and after waking up late I couldn't do it this morning, and then because it's iPhone Launch day tomorrow, I had to stay late at work to prepare the shop!

But anyway - yesterday I received 5 very exciting parcels - I can't wait to blog about them all eeeek! One of the parcels was this months glossybox!

This month's design is absolutely gorgeous, I love the London Skyline, and it was perfect timing just at the end of Fashion Week. This will definitely be one of my all time favourite designs and I'll be keeping this one forever!

L'Oreal Professional - Mythic Masque

We had a spoiler of either this or a Oil early on in the month, and even though I was hoping for the Oil, I've just run out of my current Body Shop Masque so it's very good timing glossy! I haven't had the chance to give this a go yet, but I'll give it a go and get back to you!

This is £15.50 and is available in certain salons only.

SkinPep - Enzyme and Acid Peel & Peeling Gel

At first, I was far from impressed with three small sachet samples, and then I saw the price of the large suze products and understood why! At the moment, I am having a bit of a skincare detox to give my skin a break whilst it clears up, so I'll give these a go in a week or so!

These are £89.99 & £44.99 and available here

Vichy - Normaderm Night Detox & Hydrating Care

I'm really excited about these as I often receive Vichy samples and I've always enjoyed them! I have to say that I'm more excited about the Hydrating Care as it is targeted especially at Adult Blemishes, so I'm going to try this out next time I have a breakout!

These are £15.50 and £12 and are available here

Nails inc - Westminster Bridge Matte Top Coat

I  was super excited as soon as I saw the traditional metallic lid. I've been on the search for the perfect Matte for so long now, and this means that I can turn all of my favourite colours into their Matte forms!! I'm thinking of doing a nails based post soon, so you might see this featured again.

This is £12 and is available here

ModelCo - MORE BROWS Fibre Gel

When I first saw this I was less than enthusiastic, because I didn't think that it would live up to the rep of my Benefit GimmeBrow, but I gave this a try this morning, and it is very similar! I still prefer the finish that GimmeBrow leaves, but this is a very close second!

This is £14.95 and is available here

So that's what I got in this months box, and there was even a sneak peek into next months, with the revelation of an Andy Warhol theme!

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Coming Soon - September Birchbox

Lots of love, 
Jess xxx


Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Vera Wang - Lovestruck


Two things -

1) Sorry I didn't post Sunday, I didn't get a chance because I finished work late and then forgot my laptop!

2) Sorry this is normally posted in the morning, I have already written this post once today, but Blogger decided to delete it when I clicked Publish - aaaaaaah.

Today I'm talking about a new favourite of mine.

Vera Wang Lovestruck

I picked this up in a B&M store that has just opened locally, it's like The Range! Amongst relishing in all the very cheap sweets, I saw the perfume cabinet, where this was just £14.99! 

The design of this bottle is beautiful, and looks so good on my dressing table, and I love the scent. The best description I have seen is 'a sparkling addictive floral', if you are a fan of a fresher scent, then this definitely isn't for you.

I'm sorry this has been so short guys, but I've literally just walked through the door from work and I plan on having some Pizza, and chocolate and watch a Disney film!

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Lots of love,
Jess xxx


Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Battle of the Beauty Box Highlighters

                                                      Hey guys!

As you'll see in my posts this month, I received a highlighter from both Glossybox and Birchbox this month, and after giving them a go for a few weeks, I've decided to play them off against the other, and decide a winner!

As you can see, I received a cream Highlighter from Glossybox, which is from Kryolan made especially for Glossybox, (Brownie points awarded), and a pencil highlighter from BircchBox, I've never seen a highlighter in Pencil form before so I was excited to give it a go! BirchBox even the score...

As you can see, I've been using this one quite a bit already, and I love it! The smallest amount gives yoou just the right amount of coverage, and it's not too shimmery either. I do try and keep this out of the sun and away from heat though, as it can get incredibly creamy, is that the right word?... But apart from that I think this is a perfect highlighter, I only use the product on the top of my cheekbones and on my brow bone and it does wonders to my complexion!

BirchBox's offering was the Chella Ivory Lace Highlighter Pencil, as I've mentioned, I've never used a pencil highlighter before, so I was so excited, but I'm still not convinced. I find that it is really hard to fully blend into the desired areas, but that when it finally does it gives a really effect. One of my preferences of this product is the fact  that it doesn't leave a shimmer on the skin, but simply highlights the area.

Top - Kryolan, Bottom - Chella
As you can see on the skin, the Kryolan one starts blending straight away after applying it onto the skin, whereas the Chella takes a lot more persuasion.

and the winner is...

Kryolan for Glossybox!!

When I'm in a rush, the Chella just takes far too long to be blended in fully to my skin and leave the effect I want, whereas the Kroylan just blends so easily, however I do prefer the overall finish of the Chella Pencil. So if someone could combine the two then that would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you for reading today's post guys, I've got myself fully into my new posting routine now!

Coming Soon - Yves Rocher Haul

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lots of love,
Jess xxx


Tuesday, 2 September 2014

A Weekend in London


As I mentioned in Sunday's post, I spent the weekend in London as it was the final of my birthday presents! We had tickets to go and see Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway Live! We stayed at the Kingsway Hall Hotel in Covent Garden, and it was amazing, I would definitely recommend staying there. 

On the Saturday evening, we got to London at around 7ish, and we checked into the hotel, got ready, and then went out for dinner, we ended up at the Bella Italia in Covent Garden, and watching some of the performers as we love it there! After dinner we decided to go on the search for a nice place to have a drink, and instead ended up having a lovely romantic walk along the South Bank, where we discovered that there was a 'Festival of Love' on, so we had a wonder around there too, we were going to go on the swings that you'll see below, but thought that £7.50 each was a rip off because they weren't very long rides! We then headed back to the hotel and had a drink in the bar there.

Nice walk along the Southbank

£7.50 each?! No thanks!

On the Sunday, we had a full day of shopping ahead! The only thing that I knew 100% I wanted was the Louboutin Rouge, so we popped into Selfridge's beauty department, how tempted I was to buy absolutely everything! I picked up quite a few bits throughout the day, so thought I'd show you my favourites!

Blogger heaven...

Louboutin Rouge

I'm not going to say much about this as I can't wait to do a full review on this, I've been lusting after this since they announced it, and oh my I was not disappointed! You'll have to wait to see some more pictures for this I'm afraid!

too perfect for words? I think so

Marc B Purse

I've been on the look out for a purse since mine has been on it's way out since around April, and Tom spotted this gorgeous one in Topshop, the picture doesn't do it justice, but it is a gorgeous baby blue colour, and the quilted detailing gives it a luxurious finish!


Of course I ended up buying even more make-up, to start off with I finally got my hands on an eos lip balm; after lusting after one for years, I was so excited to find a whole stack in Topshop, and after much deliberation, Tom helped me choose the Summer Fruits scent. This is incredible, and leaves my lips feeling moisturised all day, for example I put this on at around 8.30 this morning and its currently around 2.30 and i can still feel it in place!

I didn't think I was actually going to buy anything from Benefit this time around, because every time I go into the Carnaby Street Boutique I'm always on the receiving end of rude customer service- not cool benefit! This time, a worker barged between me and Tom trying to reach a product and instead of apologising to us, gave us a dirty look instead! But then I came across another Boutique, where not only were the staff amazingly friendly and helpful, they had some special offers on meaning that I received a free goody bag and some coasters!  The goody bag even had 2 full size products in it! Benefit - you have redeemed yourself! I picked myself up the POREfessional, read my review here, I completed my They're Real Collection with the remover, and then finally got my hands on the gimme brow, expect a review soon!

Of course, I had to pop into Kiko, but I was very restrained and only picked up this eyeshadow brush, it was actually on offer from £12.90 down to £4!! It's so soft and the dual colour means that I can use one brush for two shades! 

After shopping all day, we finally made our way to Wembley for the show, and as a lovely little extra, we were given complimentary ice creams by Morrisons! The seats we had were amazing, and the show itself was incredible! I would definitely recommend everyone who likes Ant & Dec to try and get some tickets! I was even suprised by Tom, after a visit to the Ladies room, I came out to discover that he had brought me a programme!

So that was my lovely weekend in London, and I think that this has been my favourite trip so far, I hope you've enjoyed today's post, and I'm sorry for the disruption to the schedule, but I thought I'd slot this in!

Coming Soon - Battle of the Beauty Box Highlighters

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Jess xxx

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