Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Superdrug Haul

hello my lovelies!!

I'm very sorry, my posts are so far apart at the moment, and I don't have a very good excuse, but I've been working loads and I've been busy doing other bits but I promise I'll start posting more regularly again!

As I've previously mentioned, I brought a couple of bits the other week from Superdrug, and now I'll finally do my post on them!!

sorry about the watermark, I'm in a rush and didn't realise until now!

1) Barry M Gelly Hi Shine - Blueberry

After seeing this for ages, I finally gave in! But, I'm far from impressed, with one of the other shades I own, just one coat is perfect, and gives you such a glossy finish, but I find that with this one, it is very watery, and hard to keep perfect after a few layers. 

2) Rimmel Clear Complexion Powder

If you've read my previous posts, you'll know that I love this powder, and this was simply a repurchase, so I don't want to goon for too long, but I would definitely recommend this!

3) Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer

Again, I've had my eye on this for absolutely ages!! So I took the plunge, and oh my, why haven't I brought this before?! It is absolutely amazing and works perfectly for my skin tone, and I normally struggle as I'm very pale. I'm hoping to buy the matching foundation soon as I've just had a £2 off voucher come through! I love how much this brightens my face and covers any blemishes.

4) Rimmel Scandaleyes Mascara

This was the reason I made this order, as Rimmel were running an offer where for 3 hours on a Friday, they had an item at just £1.80, and I've fallen in love with it! This really opens the eye and gives the illusion of false lashes!!

So there we are, I hope you've liked today's post, and after tidying my room I'm going to write a few so even when I'm busy I can still be posting!!

Coming Soon - May Favourites, MAC products.

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lots of love, Jess xxx


Tuesday, 20 May 2014

May Glossybox

Hello lovelies!

Sorry it's been a while, I've been all caught up in work and other stuff, and then my Glossybox arrived, so here it is!

I was so excited for this months Glossybox, after teasers showing that there was a collaboration, and we had no idea who with! When it arrived I was so suprised but happy to see that it was with Superdrug.

It holds the theme of Summer Essentials, which is perfect due to the lovely weather we have had recently!

I was also very happy to see that they had used the old ribbon, as I always find a use for these ones, but struggle with the branded Glossybox ones that they have used recently.

Schwarzkopf essence ULTIME - Crystal Shine Shampoo

I haven't gotten the chance to try this out yet, as I'm just about to finish my Aussie one, so it's perfect timing really!! I've only ever experienced Schwarzkopf in the form of Silver Shampoo, and it left my hair silky soft, so I have high hopes for this one too!

This is £4.99 and is available here

Collection - Bronze Glow Mosiac

I love this! It gives a really nice natural glow, and due to the low price is a perfect starter for those less keen to change from Blusher. The quality really does out do the price.

This is £2.99 and is available here

Scholl - Velvet Smooth Overnight Mask

I've never considered something like this before, but I'm not really sure why! This is perfect for making sure that your feet are ready for those summer sandals! 

This is £7.99  and is available here

GOSH Cosmetics - Velvet Touch Eyeliner

I was very apprehensive when I first saw this product, but after trying it out, I absolutely love it! I use this under the eye to brighten and open the eye, and you can't even tell that it is actually there which is ideal!

This is £4.99 and is available here

B. - Sheer Conditioning Lipstick - Petal

Sorry, I forgot to take my own picture and now I've used it lots!

I absolutely love this, it is such a gorgeous natural colour, that leaves the lips super soft, and it lasts for hours on end! I've always looked at B. but have always been unsure of taking the risk as they're not the cheapest of brands, and are relatively new on the market!

This is £6.99 and is available here

I also received these lovely bonus items in my box, which I love! I received a sample of GHOST in with my Superdrug order, and fell in love! & I can't wait to try out the Garnier Beauty Oil.

So that is this months glossybox, it was such a good box, and I can't wait until the next one now! Ahhh hurry up June! haha!

Coming soon - Superdrug Haul, MAC Cosmetics.

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Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed it!

lots of love, Jess xxx

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Boots Haul

Hello lovelies,

I hope you're all well, and having a nice week so far! Over the weekend I realised that I still hadn't used my £10 Boots voucher I had, so I accidently stumbled into my local store... the same day as placing an order on Superdrug... oops!

I took advantage of the fact that I had a voucher, and that it was coming to the end of their 3 for 2 offer on all cosmetics and accessories, and picked up a few products that I've wanted for ages, but always been cautious of due to the price.

ecotools Fresh & Flawless Five Piece Complexion Set

 flat concealer brush, buffing concealer brush, precision foundation brush, complexion blending brush & full powder brush.

I originally picked up the buffing concealer brush, which I think was priced around £5.50, but then when I saw that this amazing set was just £11.99. These brushes are so soft, and the packaginng is so lovely, and provides extra protection. The brushes themselves are gorgeous with the floral detail on each brush. They really do create the flawless complexion as advertised, and I would 100% recommend them. I cant actually find the link on the website, but I know this little set is definitely in store so go have a look!

Soap & Glory GLOW ALL OUT Luminizing Radiance Face Powder

It took me ages to decide on this product, it was between this and another Soap & Glory product, but this is the one that made the cut. It is a lovely peachy colour, that gives a lovely natural glow to the 
cheeks. This product comes with a really handy sharp precise mirror, but the only downside to this product is that it is in cardboard packaging. I can't remember who it was, but I watched a youtuber who brought this product and she also mentioned the cardboard packaging. It is very sturdy though, so hopefully it protects it well! This is one of my new favourite blushers ever, and at just £11 it's a bargain! It is available here.

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush

This was actually the main reason for my trip to Boots, I've wanted a new brush for my foundation for a while, as I'm slowly getting fed up with the flat foundation brushes, and after extensive research, I decided that this was the one! It took me so long to make myself spend £10 on a single brush though, but I'm so glad I did! This brush gives a flawless complexion, and blends my foundation really well! This is a necessity for anyone who wants to try out the Real Techniques Brushes, but without paying the £22 for the starter kit. I will definitely be investing in some more soon! This is available here.

So that was the result of my trip to boots, I only went out on my way to work! I hope you've liked this post, and keep an eye out for the Superdrug haul coming soon!

Coming soon - Superdrug Haul

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lots of love, Jess xxx


Sunday, 11 May 2014

LUSH Cosmetics

Hello lovelies!

I hope you're having a lovely weekend and a nice relaxing Sunday, if you've read my What's in my make-up bag? post here - then you'll  know I was having some problems trying to work out the camera, I've tried so many times and now I've just given up! So I am missing some of today's pictures, and I'm so sorry! But if I manage to get them at another time I will put them in!

Anyway, I've always been a massive fan of Lush Cosmetics, and on my birthday I purchased a few items for myself, and I was also very generously given some from my friend Aysha! So I thought that I would post a small review of the items!

Twilight Bath Ballistic

I've had my eye on this in store for a while now, but every time I go in, there's always limited edition items that I always purchase instead thinking that I'll get it the next time I visit, and now I regret not getting it sooner! It smells amazing, and the effect on the bath was incredible! The swirls shown below were created all over the bath, and as you can see in the top of the picture, it created lots of bubbles as well. After letting it settle for a minute, the bath water underneath becomes a deep purple colour, and the lovely scent remains throughout the whole bath and even after the plug is pulled. I would definitely recommend purchasing this, and it is available here. 10/10

Sakura Bath Ballistic

I was so dissappointed with this item :(. It smells and looks amazing so I had high expectations for it, but as you can see in the picture, it had no effect at all on the water apart from a bit of clouding which then cleared instantly. It wasn't even a bath bomb that left your skin feeling silky soft, to me it just seemed like a waste of money. It's available here. 0/10

Space Girl Bath Ballistic

Sorry, this is one of the ones where I can't access the pictures! :( But Space Girl is one of my all time favourites, so I was so grateful when Aysha gave it to me, and I'm sure it'll feature again somewhere! The smell reminds me of Parma Violets, and I love the fact that they now all come with red glitter on, as originally it was just normal silvery glitter, but the red gives it an amazing effect when first placed in the water! This is perfect for anyone who just wants a nice relaxing pretty bath. This is available here. 9/10

Creamy Candy Bubble Bar

This was another item from Aysha, and after wanting to try it for so long, and was so suprised when I received it. I actually used this combined with Space Girl, which made it amazing, and I can't wait to use the rest up tonight! This smells divine, and just the smallest amount of the product gives so many bubbles! I'll definitely be repurchasing this, it is available here. 8/10

So there we are lovelies, I hope you've liked today's post, sorry for the delay on it! I was also going to include the Bubblegum Lip Scrub, but I've already mentioned it in my April Favourites here.

Coming Soon  - Boots Haul, Superdrug Haul

lots of love, Jess xxx

Friday, 9 May 2014

What's in my make-up bag?

Hello lovelies,

Welcome back to thelifeofjks! Thank you for bearing with me, and I hope you love my new template just as much as I do! If you are looking for a designer, then you should definitely go check out Jasmine Joy. She has the most beautiful designs so far, and she works incredibly fast as well!

Anyway, on to today's post, I know I promised a LUSH Cosmetics post, but I'm having a tech problem and can't work out how to get half the photo's from the camera and blaaaaah. So today's post is instead going to be What's in my make-up bag?

As I mentioned, I've just returned from a mini break to Alton Towers, so had to pick my make-up to take with me, and this is what made the cut.

1 - Rimmel London- Match Perfection Light Perfecting Radiance Foundation - 010 Light Porcelain

This is my all time staple foundation, as I am very wary of purchasing a 'high end' product as I am very particular with my foundation, and I know that this one in particular ticks all the boxes for me. It gives a really good coverage, and does indeed last all day as it says on the bottle. This is such a bargain at just £6.99 and is available here.

2 - Rimmel London - Clear Complexion Clarifying Powder - 021 Transparent

I absolutely love this powder, as it works really well to get rid of any oilyness on the skin, and it says on the casing that it lasts 5 hours, but personally for me it lasts all day. I can't say that I've used this for years, as I have varied between a few, but I have always stuck to Rimmel, and I have always been impressed. This is just £3.99 and is available here.

3 -  Maybelline - Dream Sun Triple Bronzing Powder

I'm definitely waiting for the sun over here! Every now and again I swap between my blusher and bronzer, and right now I'm definitely in the bronzer phase! I love this particular product as it gives a really natural glow to your face, and you can use the three different shades to really gain the shape you want. They don't actually stock this product online, and I'm not entirely sure if they still have it in store, but I would definitely recommend trying to find a similar item if not!

4 - Lancome - Hypnose Mascara

I absolutely love this mascara, and I think that if your make-up is dominantly high street brands, then it is definitely time to invest in a high end mascara! I always choose between this and Sublime de Chanel, and to me, they both give excellent results, so it is normally just whatever I grab first! This mascara really opens up your eye, and gives the illusion of false eyelashes, and with absolutely no clumping. This is £22.50 and is available here.

5 - L'Oreal Paris - Studio Secrets Professional Pro Lip Tint- 10 Backstage Pink

I have so many lip products it's ridiculous, but I recently rediscovered this one, and it hasn't left my bag since! I love this product as it gives the lips a nice brightening colour, but without the affects and smudginess of lipsticks/lipglosses. It has an incredibly long wear time, and the colour is easily built up to your desires shade. It looks incredibly different on the website to in person, as you can see in my picture above. This is £8.49 and is available here.

So there we are guys, that it what is currently in my make-up bag, and I absolutely love all of it, and will definitely be repurchasing all of it when I run out. I hope you've enjoyed today's post, and the new template! I will get the LUSH Cosmetics post up ASAP!

Coming Soon - Lush Cosmetics

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lots of love, Jess xxx


Thursday, 1 May 2014

April Favourites

Hello lovelies!

I only posted yesterday, but it's May already! Which means it's time for my April Favourites!  This month was super hard to pick as I received so many amazing presents for my birthday, and I also brought quite a bit whilst shopping!! 

So here are my favourites of the month!

The Body Shop Vineyard Peach Body Mist

I only brought this on Tuesday, and I managed to get it for like £1.75 as I had my birthday gift on my Body Shop card! But it smells absolutely incredible, and you should definitely check out the peach products as they are amazing, and I have quite a few and I love them!

MAC - Creme Cup

I've wanted this so for long it's insane! And I've always put off buying it as I wasn't sure about spending £15 on lipstick, but then on my birthday I decided to just buy it, but as I sent to pay Thomas stepped in and brought it!! And my only regret is not buying it sooner, I absolutely love it, and it's some asylum to wear on a day to day basis, or paired with a smoky eye for a night.

Pandora Butterfly Earrings

These were one of my amazing birthday presents from Thomas, and I haven't stopped wearing them since I got them! They are absolutely gorgeous, and there was never a doubt that I would like them as I absolutely love butterflies!

Lush Cosmetics - Bubblegum Lip Scrub

I've seen this product so much, but again, always been a bit wary of spending £5.50 on a tiny little pot, but I absolutely love this! And after constantly using it since Monday, I haven't even made a dent. It smells of Snow Fairy which is my all time favourite product from Lush! I also brought 2 bath bombs, and I got given 2 from my friend Aysha, so I might do a collective Lush post :)

Fun Gums

I love these sweeties, so was ecstatic when I discovered them amongst my birthday presents, and especially a box of 60 packs!!! They're so yummy!!

So there we are guys, I hope you've liked reading my April favourites, and please let me know all of yours!!

Coming soon - Lush Cosmetics

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Lots of love, Jess xxx

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