Sunday, 9 March 2014

Brow Arch March

Hi guys,

today I participated in Benefit's Brow Arch March in aid of Look Good Feel Better. It was such an amazing day, and an incredibly worthy cause! So here is my experience of the day-

We started at Berkely Square, where upon arriving you were greeted by pink, friendly faces, and of course there were plenty of photo opportunites!! 

After completing registration, we were given our complimentary tops, and numbers. The tops were so nice!! As you can see, the back was so sparkly!!

We were also given the start of our lovely freebies, starting off with this absolutely gorgeous make-up bag, and a handy little compact, and we were told to expect more as we completed the stages of the march. We were told to come wearing only a base of make-up, as they would make us glamorous along the route!!

Kara Tointon was the cover girl for the March, and was so lovely!! We were lucky enough to start the March with her, and do the majority with her too! If you have a look on the Benefit Twitter page, you'll see that I'm in all of the pictures of the start of the race!!

This photo was taken from their page!

First Check Point
 The first check point was Marble Arch, it was so nice there, and being really silly I actually forgot to take a picture of the actual arch... but I got a picture with Kara here, so you can have that instead!

This was the first of our beauty items- They're Real Mascara. I love this mascara so much, and was so happy when I received it!! It really extends your lashes and opens your eyes so much!

Second Checkpoint-
Up next was the Wellington Arch, we did get slightly delayed though, after a quick picture opportunity outside Buckingham Palace, we just couldn't resist!

We also had to move as the Cavalry had to come through, I don't think they appreciated all of us stood there with a sneaky picture with them in the background... oops!!

The beauty item at the stop was Benetint, I hadn't previously used this item, but after using it quickly on our march, I really like it! It gives a really natural glow to your cheeks, but unfortunately I haven't tried it on my lips yet, as I was awaiting the next pit stop!!

Third Check Point
Up next was Admiralty Arch, it was so busy here as it is just on the corner by Trafalgar Square, but it was so lovely here, and the amazing band joined us to provide some entertainment too!!

This completed our beauty products, with the lovely addition of a lipgloss of your choice, they accidentally gave me and my mum two each!! And as my mum doesn't normally wear gloss, she let me have one of hers too! I've used Coralista before, and its lovely, and I was so happy to get Dandelion! They last for so long, but don't make your lips sticky like some do.

The Finish Line
To finish, we had to return to Berkely Square, and when we arrived we were all so relieved to have completed it, and we were also treated to a complimentary demonstration of their new brow product- Gimme Brow. I am definitely considering purchasing this product now, it really transforms your brows!!

 We were also given a lovely tote bag to hold all of our goodies, and I was told to ensure I had a picture being an Arch Angel after my march-

Here you can see a clear picture of all of the lovely goodies I picked up! Look how cute the bottle of water is!

Overall, I've had the most amazing day, and I feel honoured that I could be part of such a lovely event that has raised so much money for a wonderful charity!! After my long train journey home, I'm definitely ready for bed now that's for sure!! But I am 100% going to do it again next year!

P.S don't forget that you can get a complimentary brow appointment at any Benefit Counter in a Debenhams throughout March when you make a donation to Look Good Feel Better. It's definitely worth it!

Thank you for reading, and please help out this wonderful cause, please drop me any questions or anything :).

Lots of love, Jess xxx



  1. :O I'm so jealous - so many benefit goodies!! Glad you had a good day :) xxx

    1. It was so amazing!! You'll have to join me next year!! So much fun!xxxx


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