Friday, 28 February 2014

February Favourites

      Hiya everyone!  Basically, I've found so many things I love this month I've put them all together in a post! :) so here are my favourite items of February -

                                                Michael Kors Watch

   Thomas got me this beautiful watch for Christmas and it hasn't come off of my wrist since, it was such an amazing surprise, and he went searching through to make sure it was the exact one I wanted. It's just so gorgeous, and hoes with everything!!

Pandora Bracelet

I love my pandora so much! It's filled with memories and have been presents from
Tom/friends/family, and I love every single charm on my bracelet,and I'm excited to
continue filling it with lovely memories.

Pandora Tiara Ring

This was also a beautiful present from Tom, and this was for our anniversary! I had
wanted one for so long, and this is the perfect one!! I wear it every single day.

Lancôme Hypnose Mascara

I love this mascara, after discovering it within a Lancôme gift set I received for 
Christmas, and instantly had to get the full size product! It's one of the best
mascaras I have tried, and isn't clumpy at all, and really opens the eye.

Lush Cosmetics - Snow Fairy Shower Gel

I discovered this product last christmas, and was lucky enough to get some this year!
You can easily see why this is a best seller, it's gorgeous scent is candy floss and 
pear drops, and it lingers for ages afterwards! 

Glass Bottles Of Coke

I love coke, and it tastes so much nicer in a glass bottle!! 

Heart Bunting

My room is full of cute little decorations, and my mum picked up this lovely 
bunting in the sales just after valentines! for something silly like £1, and it's
so lovely!!!

Elephant Incense 

I found this adorable little item in a shop near my house, it was just £2
with incense, and a little elephant candle, it's just so cute, and smells

Heart Lantern

I love this lantern, and picked this up for £5 in the sale!!! 


Lastly, but certainly not least, is my gorgeous little Hamster; Peanut!
She's so cute, and I can't see myself ever getting bored of her!!

So there we are guys, my favourite things of February!! I hope you like them, and 
I would love to hear yours, so please leave me a comment!!

Lots of love, Jess xxx

Monday, 24 February 2014


Hiya! Sorry it's been a while, but I was planning my trip to London!

This weekend me and Thomas went up to London for the weekend, it was his birthday present to go see The Lion King and a stay in a nice hotel!!

So here's our lovely weekend away!

It was such lovely weather when we went, nice and sunny, and it was even warm enough for a little walk without a coat on! 

This is the AMAZING hotel we stayed at - The Athenaeum, it's so nice, and in a lovely area as it's in Green Park. It's so beautiful inside, and I would definitely recommend it for anyone wanting to treat themselves! It is very pricey, but there are often deals meaning you get it for less than half price, but lots of people would still not pay this much, but it was a birthday treat afterall!

The Lion King was incredible, and being front row was phenomenal! I was also in the aisle seat so I got to experience all of the animals coming right next to me. The actors also constantly look at those on the front row, and at the end during the bows, Tom said Jess look! And the actor with the Zazoo puppet was waving at him making the puppet dance, and when I looked he did it again to me!!

I would 10000000% recommend going to see The Lion King, and we're considering getting tickets for when the production tours and is in Southampton later this year!

And of course, ice cream was a necessity!

A trip to Harrods is essential whilst staying in London, we love Harrods and all of its luxuries, and I made a friend whilst there!

The main reason for our trips to Harrods is a visit to the Ice Cream Parlour!! I tell everyone about their ice cream, it's the nicest I've ever tasted, andlthough it is seen as very expensive at £3.50 a scoop, it is definitely worth it!

This time, we decided to go all out, and order Ice Cream Sundaes,  and it is only about £3 more than a simple bowl, and we were not disappointed!!

A girl cannot go to London without going shopping!! So here are the few bits I picked up!

I've been looking for some boots  like this for months!! And fell in love when I saw them, you can't really see it in the picture but they are cut out at the side, and are so comfortable!

These are from H&M and are £29.99

On a little adventure we found Victoria's Secret, which I had promised myself not to go in! 
You're probably thinking, what girl goes into Victorias Secret and buys make up to lingerie, yep, that's me! Haha!! I just couldn't resist these gorgeous lip products! I got one Lip Butter, two squeeze tubes, and one standard brush one. 

These are normally £10 each, but they're currently on offer for 4 for £20'

We were tempted in the Harrods Candy Shop, and ended up buying some yummy Jelly belly jelly beans!! The box is filled is loads of little bags that you pick yourself, meaning you can get a huge variety of flavours! 

The bag was £2.30, and he box was £5.95!

All weekend I had been on the lookout for a souvenir that had some relevance to The Lion King, and I found one in the form of this adorable Nala Teddy from The Disney Shop.

She was £7.

I found this gorgeous bath bomb in Covent Garden market! and it smells absolutely amazing! 
This was £3.50!

I couldn't. It pop into Lush could I? I picked up 4 gorgeous products that I've never tried before, 
- Madame Butterfly; a bubble bar which you swirl in the water, this was so cute I couldn't resist!
- Inhale Exhale; this is a two sides bath bomb, consisting of two different scents!
- Secret Garden; this a fluorescent green with a neon pink flower on, very eye catching!
- Golden Egg; this is a golden glitter bomb, in an egg shape, and just looks amazing!

As they say - 'the best things in life are free' and this certainly applies to these wonderful freebies from out hotel, they'd doubled up samples so we got to use some there and take some home! They smell fantastic and make your skin so so so soft!!

Overall, we had a perfect time in London, and I couldn't of asked for a better person to spend it with! 

I hope you all like our little adventure, and please ask any questions or make any recommendations for the next time we're up!

Lots of love! Jess xxx


Sunday, 16 February 2014

ASOS Mini Beauty Haul

Hi! :)
I discovered that ASOS had a massive sale on beauty and make up products and then an added 15% off, so thought I'd have a look, and then looking turned into buying... Oops!

This is the Anatomicals Day and Night Spot Stick, I have really bad skin at the moment so thought I would try something new out, and I thought that the two ends would make it really useful for any last minute panics! I haven't had the chance to try this out yet, but I hope it will work, as all the reviews I have seen have highly recommended this item!!

You can pick this up at £3.15 which is really good!

The next thing I brought was this Rimmel London Stay Matte Stick Concealer, I usually use a liquid concealer but have wanted to try out this particular item for a while, so when I saw this, I couldn't not! I tried this out earlier, and I'm impressed, it blends really well and gives a flawless look!

This was a real steal at just £3!! I would definitely recommend this item!

This was my favourite buy, this is the Rimmel London Kate Lipstick in the shade 008, this is my usual choice for lipstick and I was so happy when I found it for just £3.50, and it was perfect timing as mine is running really low!

I love these lipsticks as they are really good quality, and last a really long time, and the range of shades available are gorgeous! I love this particular shade as it isn't too bright, but brings a bit of colour to your lips still, and works really well with nude make up.

Next up is this gorgeous Anatomicals kit that was just £4! And I'll take you through what came in it below!

First up is this Inflatable Bath Pillow, this is such a good idea, as it has little sucker cups which you attach to your wall and it means you can just lean back and relax! :)

Next is the Thermal Face Mask, which I haven't had a chance to try out yet, but it smells lovely and you get a really good size product considering the price!

You also get Bath Salts, which are scented with Rose, and smell divine!! You get a large amount of salts and the cute little pot which also comes with an inner lid to ensure that you don't lose any of the salts when opening.

The last item in the kit is this cute little candle. It smells really nice, and is such a nice little addition to the products provided.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this kit, it really does give you all of the essentials needed for the perfect relaxing bath! All of this for £4 is perfect!!

I also picked up this little Anatomicals Three Wishes for hands that do the dishes hand care kit, this was just £3 and again, I'll go through the items included.

This hand polish smells really flowery and you can instantly see the results on your hands, and is a really handy size as it is perfect to fit in your handbag, but still big enough to last you a couple of months.

This hand cream had the same scent ad the hand polish, and again, you instantly see the results, I get dry hands all the time in this cold weather, and this helps you give your skin back that moisture.

I brought this kit for the hand polish/cream, and these washing up gloves are just a cute little extra that Anatomicals have placed in with the kit!

Overall I would definitely recommend this kit, and at £3 this is a bargain!

All of these products came to £14.15 after the 15% off, and with free delivery that arrived 2 days after placing the order, I cannot complain! I am very happy with all of these items and would definitely recommend all of them! 

I hope you like my post, and go have a look at ASOS beauty section! 
Lots of love, Jess xxx


February Glossybox!

I was so excited about this months Glossybox, and especially after they revealed the Valentines theme. So here are the items that I received in my Glossybox this month! :)

I love the gorgeous design of the box this month, and it is very fitting with the theme, and also the competition that you can enter to win a holiday voucher for £1000!!

We were previously made aware  (if we wanted to know), that we would receive a Ciate Nail Varnish, and the colour would be from a selected collection of pinks and reds. 

I was extremely excited about this item as I own a few Ciate Varnishes, and they are such good quality and beautiful colours, however I don't think I could ever bring myself to spend that much on a nail varnish!

The colour of this one is gorgeous and I'm very happy with this! I can definitely see it being one of my favourites now!

You can find your own at for £9 each!

The next item I received were a pair of Eldora Eyelashes, and normally I would be a bit disappointed with receiving Eyelashes as I don't often get the chance to wear them, but these are lovely and thick, and I'm excited to use them!!

You can find these at for £3.90 a pair!

   The next item I received was the Maybelline New York Big Eyes Mascara, I was really surprised to find a full size mascara in this months box!

The mascara itself is really good! And the combination of the upper and lower lashes brushes gives
an eye opening effect that is hard to achieve with other mascaras. There is no clumping  and the brushes are perfectly proportioned to the lashes, overall, a very good item and I think I will be keeping this as a make-up bag essential.

You can get this from for £8.99!

The next item was a bit of a surprise for me, it's a triple combination of a shampoo/conditioner/ hair mask from Giovanni Eco Chic cosmetics, and I received the Chic ultra-moist range.

I haven't had the chance to try these items out yet, but I have high expectations as we are told that it is the #1 selling natural hair care brand in America, so I will try these out and let you know what I think!

You can find these at for £7.99 for a full size product.

The last official item in this months box is this gorgeous Nougat London Sparkling Body Shimmer. This smells absolutely gorgeous!!!

Again, I haven't had a chance to try this out, but I'm very excited as the scent and packaging are lovely and it's a generous 100ml sample!

You can find this at for £14 for 250ml
(Sorry about the picture, it won't rotate!)

Everyone received a lovely little extra treat from Glossybox HQ this month, in the form of a full size Lindt Lindor chocolate bar! This chocolate is amazing and a lovely little surprise in my box!

Overall, this is one of the best Glossyboxes I have received, and I'm very happy with all of the items and I'm already excited for next months box!

I would definitely recommend a Glossybox to anyone who likes discovering new items and brands, and at £12.95 including postage, it's a bargain!!

I hope you like my post, and review of the items!

Lots of love, Jess xxx


Saturday, 15 February 2014

Valentines Day

Hiya! I hope you all had a lovely Valentine's Day no matter what you did. 
I had the most amazing afternoon and evening with Thomas and this is what we did!

First I was incredibly spoilt with this beautiful bouquet of flowers that his mum made for me! I also got little thoughtful presents that were really cute!

I gave Tom a bag of his favourite things, including sweets and chocolate, a CD, and a DVD.

We spent the whole afternoon just cuddled up watching tv, and then we went to our favourite restaurant which is a lovely little Italian in Bournemouth called La Strada. We always go here for any special occasion as the food and service is impeccable!

We had the most amazing evening and I couldn't be happier. 

I'm also really excited as it's our anniversary on Wednesday, and we're off to London next weekend, as I got Tom tickets for The Lion King, and I booked a posh hotel for us for his 21st birthday!

Again, I hope you all had a lovely valentines, and I hope you like mine!
Lots of love, Jess xx 


Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Recent Reads


Basically I've been reading loads this past week and have read both of the books below, and they have both been amazing! So I thought I would give my opinion on them!
                  The Railway Man - Eric Lomax

After seeing the trailer for the film adaptation I just had to read the book!
From the off I obviously knew that I wasn't going to be swept away by a lovely
story of happiness, but what I discovered was so much more than I anticipated.

I didn't realise that the story is in First Person from Eric Lomax's viewpoint until
I began, and I believe that this added to the huge emotional link that you create 
with the men that are involved within his story.

I don't want to ruin the book for anyone, but I was astounded by the strength and 
power shown by Lomax, and I think that it is horrible that he sadly passed away in
2012, just as they were doing the final edits in the film.

Overall, I would 100% recommend this book to anyone! whether you enjoy reading or not.
The story fully pulls you in and you begin to understand the terrible events that those poor 
men had to attempt to survive. I would give it a 5/5,. 

              The Fault in Our Stars - John Green
                     After seeing this book wherever I've been in the past couple of months, I was finally             persuaded to purchase it after some uni class mates did a presentation on it.

I was instantly drawn into the world of Hazel, and her struggle with an ongoing battle with cancer, but the transformation that Augustus has upon her life lifts the tension, and although there is the constant reference to the fact that they were both ill, the story of their developing relationship is the overriding theme.

That is until the brutal twist, the twist that causes every reader upset, the twist that brings the reality of cancer back down to earth. The book is very well written and I will definitely be purchasing some of the others by John Green. I will also be watching the film adaptation when it comes to cinemas in June, and I think that it will be interesting to see how the characters are portrayed, and whether this has less of an affect than the book had on its readers.

I would also rate this 5/5, and I think it is an absolutely necessity for all readers.

So that's it guys, these books were both amazing and I just couldn't put them down!! I would definitely recommend them, and I would love to hear your recommendations for books! Hope you liked my opinion of them!

Lots of love, Jess xxx


Sunday, 2 February 2014

Lazy Sundays

Sundays are my favourite day of the week as. Don't have uni/work and I just get to spend the day relaxing!! However we normally wake up quite early and go back to toms, but there's always a trip to the shop before to get breakfast and some treats!!

I like to wear comfy clothes so I can just feel nice and cosy all day, and today I'm wearing my new tartan scarf from Boohoo! I've been looking for one for ages and this one was only £10 and I got free next day delivery!! It's really warm, and long enough to be nice and cosy, and the multiple colours makes it stand out from others that are around at the moment!

We decided to treat ourselves is morning, and went to visit Tom's best friend Simon at a cafe near Tom's house, and got lovely banana milkshakes, and some chocolate cake! It's such a cute little cafe and we probably go in there for milkshakes far too much!

Haha, this picture is so funny!
We plan on spending today watching Breaking Bad as we've only just started Season One, and we're probably going to make a cake! :) 
(I'm not allowed to bake on Sundays normally)!

And finally, we picked up this amazing chocolate from the shop!! It looked so cute I just couldn't resist!

I hope you all have lovely Sundays whatever you're doing :)
Lots of love, Jess xx

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