Wednesday, 5 February 2020

Having a Blair Waldorf Moment

Recently I've been trying to mix up my work outfits. I am incredibly guilty of chucking on black trousers and a cosy jumper every single day, and I am bored of it!

However, since I have been purchasing a few new pieces to add into my work wardrobe, I've found that I'm adding a lot more monochrome. This isn't a bad thing in any way, I like my wardrobe to be classic and include pieces that I will wear year in year out, with the odd statement piece. Due to this, I have had my eye on some headbands from Accessorize for a few months.

I originally told myself not to be ridiculous, and that spending £16 on a headband was not a sensible choice when I hate spending money on clothes/accessories. Then a guardian angel appeared and put a 70% off sale sign in the shop window. I picked up the three headbands below for just £3 each - a fraction of the price, and even Primark wouldn't have them for less! 

The quality of them is amazing, they are comfortable on the head, and I can't wait to style them this week to brighten up an outfit and add a bit of glam!

Who doesn't want to channel their inner Blair Waldorf?


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