Sunday, 26 January 2020

GHD Glide Review

My first introduction to the GHD Glide brush was through Lisa Potter Dixon, and I instantly knew that I wanted one, but they sold out instantly, and then as with most beauty products, I forgot all about it...

Then at Christmas Tom brought his Mum one, and after trying it for myself, I fell in love. Not a 'this is quite good' sort of love, a head over heels, I never want to use anything else on my hair again sort of love! Then one day, I finished work, went for coffee with a friend, and wondered why Tom was being so weird about when I was going home. When I finally got home, I walked into my room to find a GHD Glide brush on the bed, a few grateful tears later, I put it straight to the test!

The photo above is taken after just 2-3 strokes of the brush, and you can instantly see the difference. The frizzy bushy hair after having my hair up in a bun all day is no more, and instead I am left with my hair perfectly straight and smooth in a matter of seconds.

The ceramic technology with ioniser ensures that the brush is consistently at 185ÂșC for 'guaranteed healthy looking hair'. The ions within the brush help eliminate frizz which leaves you with silky smooth hair after 2-3 strokes of the brush, meaning that even on those mornings when you wake up late, you are able to keep your hair looking its best. The combination of shorter and longer bristles help to style larger sections at once, the need to section your hair off is no longer a thing!

The brush retails at £139, which is in line with the newer GHD Straightener releases. Since receiving this, I haven't reached for my standard straighteners once, as this brush is quicker, easier to use, and leaves my hair looking healthier.


Have you tried the GHD Glide?


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