Sunday, 5 January 2020

A beauty-full house - Soap & Glory

Back in February 2016, I first purchased the Soap and Glory One Heck of a Blot primer, and you can actually read the post it first featured in here. Ever since it has been a staple in my makeup bag, and when I ran out on Christmas Eve, I was not happy! Boxing day came, and in desperate need of a primer to save my very uneven, dry skin, I made a mad dash to Boots and found myself a bargain!

The primer itself retails for £11 alone, but the A beauty-full set was half price at £12.50!

As I said, this has been a staple since 2016, and it's stuck around for a reason. This provides me with a much smoother base that allows my foundation to sit better on the skin, and helps it last even through the longest days at work. I love the finish and I love the effect it has on my base! 

Thick & Fast Mascara

I've used this one before, and I'm happy to have another mascara in the stash, but I wouldn't necessarily go out and buy this on it's own. I find that this doesn't give me enough volume as I'd like on the lashes. It does give length, but my lashes are long anyway, so I'm not that impressed. It's nice enough for a natural minimalist look, but definitely not one I'll be reaching for daily.

Archery Brow Defining Crayon & Setting Gel

I'm a big fan of the standard Archery pencil. but hadn't seen this one before. This has the sculpted edge to help build a precise brow, and then the other end of the crayon twists off to reveal a hidden gel to help secure this in place! I've been using this since I picked it up, and I really like the gel, but am still trying to get used to the sculpted edge as I am used to a thin pencil. Overall, it blends well and leaves a strong yet natural brow. Luckily, the blonde colour that came in the set is perfect for my brows!

Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss - Bare Enough
On a daily basis, I only reach for lipsticks, nude and preferably matte, so I was cautious of this gloss. The colour is lovely, yet sheer enough that it isn't a disaster if you cannot top up during the day. The one thing that is a put off for me is the very overwhelming scent. This is common with other plumping glosses I have looked at, but it would be enough to put me off wearing this frequently.

Supercat Liner
I definitely don't wear liner everyday, but on the occasion that I do opt for either a thicker lash line or a feline flick, it is exclusively the Supercat Liner that I reach for time and time again. The felt tip nib makes it super easy to apply, and in one swipe it is opaque and will last all day without smudging. This is a staple in my makeup bag, and holding just a £7 price tag, it won't be going anywhere any time soon.

 Love at First Blush
Soap and Glory blushers have been in and out of my makeup bag for years, I love the glow that they give due to the variety of colours in the pan. The white highlight shades combined with the continuous shimmer ensures that you are left with a healthy glow and it also makes it buildable depending on skin tone! A lovely range of pinks, and also doubles up as a shimmery eye look in an emergency!

Overall. I was so impressed with the value for money here, and due to the fact that I use the primer every single day, I even stocked up on two more of these sets ready for when I run out! The spare blushes and glosses will be making their way to a new home, as I won't use those products up for quite a while!

Did you pick up any bargains in the sales?

J x


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