Thursday, 21 November 2019

Les Misérables @ The Mayflower

Les Misérables is one of my favourite films, but I have somehow managed to never sit in a theatre and watch the action unfold in front of me. Yesterday, this finally changed, and it certainly lived up to the rave reviews I had heard, and the hopes I held!

Knowing the songs already, I went in with expectations of my favourites, and also of my reaction at certain parts, but I was surprised. The performances by the cast were flawless, and I was blown away by the strength of the whole ensemble during the bigger songs, and was full of amazement. However, I equally adored the stillness and atmosphere of the quieter solos. A highlight of the evening for me was 'On My Own'. The control the cast had over the audience was enchanting, and the physical production was equally as wonderful.

My favourite scene was the battle at the barricade, with the haunting image coming through spotlights highlighting each death, and truly giving each character the rightful and deserved exposure even in their death.

The younger members of the cast were a true highlight, with the young boy playing Gavroche standing out with his confidence and the strength and control of his voice. Jean Valjean was everything I had imagined, with the instantaneous switching between the voice of power and his vulnerability.

This may have been the first stage performance of Les Mis that I have seen, but it certainly won't be the last!

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