Saturday, 6 February 2016

Instagram | January

I've never done one of these before, but I'm determined to be uploading to Instagram more this year, you can follow me here if you like you know you want to! So each month I will be doing an overview of the backstory to my Instagram pictures!

1 - One morning was spent on a lovely but chilly walk in The New Forest, resulting in one of my favourite pictures of Thomas and I.
2 - Taken the same day, I don't like my face in this at all, I look awful! But I love this outfit, and is one of the most liked this month!
3 - This is one of my Christmas presents, which I couldn't help but share.
4 - New Years Resolutions, cheesy, but already working!
5 - 2015 beauty favourites, full of beautiful very photographable pieces - dreamy!
6 - Vice 4, needs no explanation.
7 - I thought £2.50 on a hand sanitiser was absurd, but it smells good enough to justify the price tag! Grab one now!
8 - Obligatory Lush picture, you can't go in without taking one, right?
9 - I need to pick up a Dr. Paw Paw ASAP!
10 - After a lovely evening at The Hut Beefeater, my first restaurant review went live!
11 - Velvet Teddy - why did it take me so long to buy it?!
12 - Reminiscing over the time when I wasn't nearly out of my all time favourite lipstick :(

Until next month, 

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