Thursday, 25 February 2016

Europe - Leave or Stay?

This blog has always been more beauty based, but as I've said, I want it to be more representative of me, and politics plays a large role in my life. Since college I have had a huge interest in politics, both American and British, and from the blogs that I read and have seen, I don't think it's spoken about enough online!

Before I studied English Politics I didn't really have a clue about Britain's place in Europe, I knew about the different laws concerning moving and travelling throughout Europe, yet never understood things like why we have the pound and not the euro, and the effect that European Laws can have on ours - but it has such a huge effect on our lives without us even knowing about, that the upcoming referendum on whether we should stay or not should be taken seriously by us all! Personally, I have no idea at the moment which way I'm going to vote, as I see pros and cons on both sides of the argument, but the best advice I can give you is to do your research, see where your opinion lies, and go out and vote. Don't stay at home and ignore it because you don't understand or you don't think it effects you, as with all of the information available you have no excuse, and you have no idea the impact of the decision is going to make, either way it goes!

The Financial Times have created loads of information that can help you understand and make your decision, and they've also put together this video which gives an interesting view on what Britain has got from being part of the EU!

*in collaboration with The Financial Times

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