Saturday, 23 January 2016

Panasonic Freeview Player

When I was offered the chance to review a freeview player I jumped at the chance! I spend the majority of my time at home watching TV, whilst reading, blogging etc, I tend to have it on in the background whether I'm fully concentrating or not. This one from Panasonic is the gadget that holds almost everything you need for your tv!

There are the smart options, which means that you can access Youtube, Netflix, Amazon Prime TV and more directly from your TV as long as it is connected to your home wifi, it also has the 7 day playback, which makes it incredibly easy to catch up if you've missed anything. If you're out and have forgotten to record your favourite programme then you can do this from their mobile app, and actually watch it on the go aswell -  no more rushing out of the bath to catch the start of Made in Chelsea! Also super handy that it can record two HD programmes at the same time! Then you have the standard uses of a freeview box.

The box itself looks smart and fits in nicely with the rest of my tech bits, and in general makes features previously only available through sky/virgin media etc accessible to everyone! I couldn't recommend this box more!


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