Thursday, 21 January 2016

LUSH - Golden Wonder

As I said in my LUSH Christmas Sale Haul, I managed to pick up a Golden Wonder. Now I tend to try and keep my Christmas bits for a while, and use up the rest of my stash, but I wasn't fully convinced that this one would make it, with lots of cracks throughout!

Golden Wonder is a lovely bath bomb, but does normally come in with a hefty price tag for one bath. In the centre there are 'presents', which are basically blocks of other colours, which give a mesmerising watch when placed in the water, and leaves you with an emerald green/blue bath and feeling like a mermaid! The scent lingers for hours both on the body and around the house, with what I find is a sherbet scent, but isn't at all overpowering.

If only Lush did a similar product permanently!



  1. I love Golden wonder, it's so different on the inside to what you would expect, and i love how chunky it is. I got one for Christmas and I am trying to use some of my other bombs first... we'll see how long it lasts! xx

    1. Yes it's definitely one of my favourites at Christmas too! Haha, I bet you've used it by now! xxx


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