Saturday, 3 October 2015

Chanel - Perfection Lumiere

I've never really looked at Chanel's foundation range because I've always assumed that as with the majority of other brands, I wouldn't manage to find the shade for me, but recently I decided to go and have a look, and after an amazing experience; my mind has been completely changed!

Perfection Lumiere is a full coverage foundation that in my opinion leaves a natural glow on the skin. It glides on the skin, with or without a primer, and I also haven't needed to use a setting spray since discovering this either! My skin appears flawless and airbrushed, with most foundations I find that they cling to my dry skin, and any imperfections, but this one leaves me full of confidence that my foundation is still going strong 7-8 hours after application!

The packaging is absolutely gorgeous, with a matte glass bottle, a black lid, a pump which dispenses the perfect amount, and of course in true Chanel fashion, the gold details that make us all swoon! The £36 price tag is eye watering lets be honest, but I would 100% say this is worth it, this is definitely my new favourite base, and now I feel like I should branch out further into Chanel rather than just the lipstick and nail varnish ranges.



  1. This sounds great! And the packaging is so cute!

    A Little Dose of Makeup

  2. this is BEAUTIFULLY packaged, is it me or does everything Chanel look incredibly classy?! This sounds brilliant, but I'm not sure how it will fair on my super oily skin, I'll try to grab a sample :)

    Lillies and Lipbalm

    1. Chanel's packaging is by far my favourite!! Yes see if you can get a sample, because it is such a wonderful foundation! xxx


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