Thursday, 22 October 2015

And.... Relax!

It's very easy to get overwork yourself, begin to feel very overwhelmed and just let everything get on top of you, but sometimes you need to just take a bit of time for yourself, whether it be 5 minutes in the morning, or a long soak in the bath one evening! 

My favourite way to relax is first up, have a bath, and what's a bath without a Lush bath bomb, I lie back, read a book and before I know it I have wrinkly hands and I'm sitting in cold water... Then I like to grab my colouring book, I find these super relaxing and helps you take your mind off things, paint my nails as I'm awful for letting them chip until there's barely any colour left - oops! Then, see what I have to catch up with on Netflix, and grab some of my favourite sweets! 

the life of jus

How do you like to relax?


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