Thursday, 24 September 2015

The Artisan Cafe

The Artisan Cafe has been one of my most visited places since I've been at University as it's actually at the bottom of one of the buildings, but it was long overdue an overhaul. It looked very much like a cafeteria, whereas now it is sophisticated, classy, and if you could sum pinterest up in a space, this would be it! 

They have a new menu, full of speciality coffees, and a new recipe hot chocolate which is to die for! They were going round offering out tasters of both food and drinks all evening, which me and the girls dived in to, and all of the staff were on hand to answer any questions. 

The new decor is gorgeous, with darker lighting giving an intimate atmosphere, new chairs, and music to accompany the theme. I returned this week with a friend and had a hot chocolate and a slice of cake, and it was just as good as opening night!

The cluttered decor look is so interesting!
Speciality coffees were proving very popular amongst guests!
Mini cottage pies in espresso cups? These weren't around for long!
Milk & Cookies?! Delicious and ingenious!

If you're in Southampton then definitely pop in for a drink and a bite to eat, whether that be a meal or just some cake! I'll definitely be going back!

Thank you to the Artisan team for having me!

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