Monday, 2 February 2015

Room Details


So, I'm in the middle of redoing my room with furniture,storage etc, but there are aspects of my room that I love so I thought I'd share them with you!

Bedside Cabinet
So, only Tom currently has a bedside cabinet, so it's very feminine to say the least haha! I have a lamp that I prefer to use than a ceiling light, a few of my favourite candles - they are all Yankee Candles, and the red one is a autumn spice or berry(something along those lines), the small Jar is Strawberry Buttercream which I've done a whole post on - thank you again Ellen! & The large jar was a christmas present from Tom a few years ago and it's the scent White Christmas and it's one of my all time favourites. 
There are two photoframes with some of my favourite pictures of us, the larger one is engraved from Tom, and it's a picture from over 2 years ago at Christmas, and the heart was a present from Tom's mum and it's a picture of us on our first Holiday in Cornwall. 
The glass cube is a beautiful present from Tom, it has the message 'every single day, in every single way, I love you more and more xxx' and it's just lovely! There is also a deep purple heart infront of this with the word 'love' on, and I picked it up in an individual local shop for like £1!

Jewellery Hanger
I love this, I picked this up at a Home Bargains for £2/3 and I love using it to store my Statement Necklaces on, I do have more than this,but I have a terrible habit of leaving them all around the house haha! I think it's such a cute form of storing them, and I keep this next to my door to make sure I never forget to put one on if I need it!

My room is full of memories and gifts from Tom, but I think this has to be one of my favourites. We look going to Zoo's etc, and each one, I pick up a small teddy of my favourite animal of the day!
Monkey - Tom went to Monkeyworld without me :( and I asked me to bring me a monkey home, and instead of a live monkey I got this, I wasn't expecting anything so I'll let him off ;)
Giraffe - Longleat Adventure and Safari Park is super close to us so we regularly go, and this one was the first time we got to feed the giraffes!
Spider Monkey - This was this years addition, and they didn't have much of a selection, but we did see the Spider Monkeys that day, and even though we had the lemurs coming up to us and stroking them etc, I managed to get a keyring of a lemur!
Tiger - This is my favourite one by far, I love the film 'We Brought A Zoo' and I didn't realise that it was actually based on the Dartmoor Zoological Park near Plymouth, so on the last day of our holiday in Cornwall, Tom suprised me and took me down there, and a large part of the film is how they have to put a tiger down, and they put up a plaque, and I think it's my favourite part, and I was devastated that the plaque wasn't there, but when walking round we found a little forest area that had a plaque for each and every animal that has died at the park, so we picked up a Tiger.

Eventually, I will give you a full room tour when I'm happy with everything!

lots of love,
Jess xxx

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