Saturday, 29 November 2014



Recently, I received a sample product from in a Birchbox, and unfortunately had a reaction to a product, and as an apology, they generously sent me over some goodies!

Shave Cream - I handed this over to Tom as I know he has irritation whilst shaving, so I can't comment on this I'm afraid!
Glycolic Facial Cleanser - this is step 1 (Cleanse) of their 4 step routine, and is a very natural cleanser, containing vitamins A,C and E for nourishment and protection
Purifying Astringent Pads - This is step 2 (tone) I've never  seen pads for a toner, but I'm currently loving Pads as they are less abrasive on the skin, 
Oil Free Facial Lotion - Stage 3 (Moisturize) This is to control any shine on your face which will then prolong the lasting power of your make up, double winner!
Deep Pore Cleansing Clay - Stage 4 (Treat) This is a lovely face mask which claims to erase any impurities! 

They also threw in a few samples for me to try out too!

Invigorating Hair + Body Wash - This has a lovely scent to it, being a very masculine one however, so this will be left on the side for Tom when he stays over!
Facial Scrub - This smells incredible!! I am a bit wary going in as I tend to avoid scrubs due to their abbrasive nature, but this one doesn't actually feel too bad so hopefully it'll be fine!
Instant Fix Oil Control - This is similar to the lotion above, but this is a lot more lightweight, and you only apply this to the needed areas!
Anti-Wrinkle Glycolic Peptide Serum - This is going to be really useful to keep the youthful look to my skin! I will use this sparingly to the eye area, and the frown lines on my forehead!

Through their huge generosity, Anthony have completely renewed my skincare routine, and I would just like to say a massive thank you for their amazing customer service, and for sending me so many amazing products! Be sure to check them out here

Coming soon - Harvey Nichols Glossybox

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lots of love,
Jess xxx


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