Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Real Techniques Duo Fibre Collection


I recently announced to Tom, that I was actually happy with my collection of make-up etc at the moment and would stop buying things! Then Cohorted announced these brushes...

I've wanted these for so long because I already own a 'lot' of the other collections, and wanted to give this ones a go as they look so fluffy and soft in the box, and I managed to get them down from £23.99 to £13.60!

First things first, presentation wise, these are by far my favourite, the packaging just looks so sleek and professional, and it makes all the difference! I also love that every real techniques brush is coloured according by the use of the product, for example with the bronze ones being for the base etc, and even though they have made the decision to mark these White to add to the prestige, they have kept with the traditional code through the naming of the brushes, as you can see in the picture below.

In terms of effect etc, I wasn't expecting to like them very much, as I think that they feel a bit more synthetic compared to the rest of the brushes, but I actually love the finish that these give! One thing I would say is that they pick up a lot more product than standard brushes, so be very wary with highly pigmented products, for example an encounter with my Benefit Hoola Bronzer resulted in a very heavy contour for me... they give a lovely airbrushed finish, and I plan on keeping these for special occasions and when I want to make a massive effort with my make-up, as I don't want them to get a bit tatty, but I'm looking forward to creating some new exciting looks for you all with them!

Coming soon - My Base Favourites

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