Tuesday, 14 October 2014



On Thursday it was the Student lock-in at WestQuay and I obviously took full advantage of this, and the extra student offers and I took a wonder round...

Boux Avenue
I knew that Boux had a couple of bits that I was after because I absolutely love the pyjamas in the bags, and I already have two pairs, but completely fell in love with the new designs this season, and I also wanted some new underwear, they also had a free goodybag if you spent £40, and this combined with Buy One Get One Free PJ's, and a massive sale resulted in a little spend...

Is it okay to put a picture of a bra here?...
Free nightshirt and lolly!

Millie's Cookies
I saw that they had 10% off on their milkshakes, which are incredible, and then I discovered a Buy 6 get 6 free!! I'm sharing some though, so that makes it acceptable, right...

When I was in London last with Tom, we saw these beautiful converse in Topshop, but I manager to persuade myself at the time that I didn't need them, but after all the rain recently, my converse have been getting really dirty, and it comes out as soon as they dry, but it's really annoying so I gave in, and I got 20% off them, they're so nice and I really like the blue lining!

Other Bits
I also got something in H&M but I'm afraid that you can't see that until Thursday's post! I also got given some free Candy Floss - BEST IDEA EVER - and as I mentioned, I just had to pick up a milkshake! Can we all also be impressed that I managed to restrict myself and not pick up any makeup?!

Coming Soon - Sakura Fashion Event

Tonight I've been lucky enough to be invited to a fashion launch in Bournemouth, so in Thursday's post I will show you all what happened, the collection, and what I wore too!

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Lots of love,
Jess xxx

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