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September Birchbox


I'm not sure if I mentioned, but I've been considering cancelling my birchbox subscription recently, as I've not been completely happy with the products I've received, I'm not saying they're bad products - as they're not, they're all lovely, but I've been feeling as if I'm getting better value from my Glossybox, and then the September Box dropped!!

This months theme was HAPPY DAYS and I love the teal design of the box this time round!

Urban Fruit - Smashing Strawberry

Sorry about the weird picture for this one, but Thomas nabbed these straight away so I had to quickly snap a picture! I think that little treats like these are a nice extra to break up the theme of the boxes, but I'm also glad that these don't come at the expense of a beauty product, as I do pay for a beauty box after all!

Birchbox Photoclip

I think that this is a really cute lifestyle extra, and is extremely fitting with the overriding theme of memories, and keeping and displaying pictures etc. I plan on popping this on my desk that I use for uni work, so when I'm in the middle of a boring essay, I can look up and see one of my favourite memories!

available here for FREE!

Agave - Healing Oil Treatment

I've been on the look out for a sample of a Hair Oil for a while now, as I have read lots of mixed reviews of the effects etc, and didn't want to commit to purchasing a large, fairly expensive one and then it not work for me, so I'm going to give it a go, and you'll probably hear about it if I decide to get one!

available here for £16

Korres - Citrus Body Milk

When I first smelt this, I immediately associated it when masculine products, due to the heavy citrus scent, but after seeing that it was a body milk, I quickly corrected myself - my boyfriend certainly doesn't use a body milk! I gave this a go, not expecting to be a massive fan of it, but I was actually pleasantly suprised! I think that this is going to be perfect as it gets colder and you start feeling all bunged up, as I find the scent very refreshing and it made me feel a lot more alert!

available here for £9.50

Benefit - It's Potent! Eye Cream

I'm not sure if I've mentioned this in a previous post, but I already have a tester pot this size, and I absolutely love it! It is a very heavy consistency, so I do prefer to only use this one at night time, as I like my make-up to feel very lightweight during the day. I think these posts are such a handy size, but one thing I would say is that if you have long nails then you have a bit of a mission trying to get some product onto your finger tips, if I get this, then I tend to use like a cotton bud and then all is good again!

available here for £25.50

ModelCo Lip Lacquer - Morocco

I actually got to choose this item this month! Brownie points awarded to Birchbox! I chose this colour as it is very nude, and I love it! I've only worn this on top of a lipstick at the minute, but I might give it a go by itself tomorrow, the pigmentation is very good, and there is no sticky residue left behind, and you don't have to worry about smudging whilst drinking etc.

available here - sold out :(

Beauty Blender

I've been hoping for one of these since I saw that on my first month's subscription a lot of people had received one and I was green with envy! After reading such incredible reviews for months now, I've been reluctant to purchase a high street alternative like the Real Techniques Complexion Perfection Sponge. I think it's also so handy that it comes with the solid cleanser, and this means that you can ensure that it is clean every time you use it! I haven't had the chance to use this yet, as I've been working so many extra hours all week, and I want to give it enough time so that I can fully experiment and see how I will use this!

So that's what I received this month guys, I think that Birchbox has redeemed itself for now, but I am seriously considering either cancelling either Glossybox or Birchbox, and then if there is a month that I really want, then I can just pick that one up!

Coming soon - The Glamour Beauty Power List

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lots of love,
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  1. I did a victory dance when my box had a beauty blender in it this time around! �� xxx


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