Thursday, 28 August 2014

Porefessional vs That Gal


Two in a row? Is this becoming a Benefit overload? As if there is such a thing!!!

Today, it's bene vs bene, in the standoff between the POREfessional and that gal.

Both of these deluxe samples I received as a gift for winning a competition to spend the evening at Gabbi's Head - see post here


I never thought that I would think that spending £23.50 on a primer whilst on a student budget would be acceptable, but OH MY I NEED IT.

It comes out of the tube and looks almost like a mousse, and has quite a dark colour in comparison to my skin, but when blended in this quickly disappears and leaves absolutely flawless skin behind. On the tube it claims to 'minimize the appearance of pores' and that is the understatement of the year! It completely erases all pores, and my foundation just glides on afterwards.

that gal

Again, another round of applause for all those at benetowers is due! This is such a lovely product, on the tube it states that it is a 'brightening face primer' and it sticks to its word. 

This comes out of the tube as a salmon-y pink, and the texture is similar to that of a watery moisturiser, but when blended this leaves the skin feeling super soft, and also minimizes pores as a bonus! This definitely leaves my skin looking a lot healthier and I think that this is perfect for the summer months when you want to look really bright.

(This picture makes the porefessional look like a cream texture but it's not)

& the winner is.....


My personal winner is the POREfessional, because it leaves my skin so flawless and it works really well with my current foundation and everyday make-up, but I would 100% recommend everyone to try out that gal because I think that I will buy this as it starts getting warmer next year!

I hope you've liked today's post guys, and I hope I've inspired you to go and try these out.

Coming soon - Aussie Dry Shampoo

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Lots of love,

Jess xxx



  1. I don't like the feel of the That Gal primer, but it is really brightening so I use it on days when my skin is dull :) sometimes I find the Porefessional can go a bit chalky on me, but it definitely hides all pores!

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

    1. I'm exactly the same with That Gal, but I'm in love with the POREfessional, I brought the full size one sunday - oops! Thank you for commenting :) xxx


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