Sunday, 11 May 2014

LUSH Cosmetics

Hello lovelies!

I hope you're having a lovely weekend and a nice relaxing Sunday, if you've read my What's in my make-up bag? post here - then you'll  know I was having some problems trying to work out the camera, I've tried so many times and now I've just given up! So I am missing some of today's pictures, and I'm so sorry! But if I manage to get them at another time I will put them in!

Anyway, I've always been a massive fan of Lush Cosmetics, and on my birthday I purchased a few items for myself, and I was also very generously given some from my friend Aysha! So I thought that I would post a small review of the items!

Twilight Bath Ballistic

I've had my eye on this in store for a while now, but every time I go in, there's always limited edition items that I always purchase instead thinking that I'll get it the next time I visit, and now I regret not getting it sooner! It smells amazing, and the effect on the bath was incredible! The swirls shown below were created all over the bath, and as you can see in the top of the picture, it created lots of bubbles as well. After letting it settle for a minute, the bath water underneath becomes a deep purple colour, and the lovely scent remains throughout the whole bath and even after the plug is pulled. I would definitely recommend purchasing this, and it is available here. 10/10

Sakura Bath Ballistic

I was so dissappointed with this item :(. It smells and looks amazing so I had high expectations for it, but as you can see in the picture, it had no effect at all on the water apart from a bit of clouding which then cleared instantly. It wasn't even a bath bomb that left your skin feeling silky soft, to me it just seemed like a waste of money. It's available here. 0/10

Space Girl Bath Ballistic

Sorry, this is one of the ones where I can't access the pictures! :( But Space Girl is one of my all time favourites, so I was so grateful when Aysha gave it to me, and I'm sure it'll feature again somewhere! The smell reminds me of Parma Violets, and I love the fact that they now all come with red glitter on, as originally it was just normal silvery glitter, but the red gives it an amazing effect when first placed in the water! This is perfect for anyone who just wants a nice relaxing pretty bath. This is available here. 9/10

Creamy Candy Bubble Bar

This was another item from Aysha, and after wanting to try it for so long, and was so suprised when I received it. I actually used this combined with Space Girl, which made it amazing, and I can't wait to use the rest up tonight! This smells divine, and just the smallest amount of the product gives so many bubbles! I'll definitely be repurchasing this, it is available here. 8/10

So there we are lovelies, I hope you've liked today's post, sorry for the delay on it! I was also going to include the Bubblegum Lip Scrub, but I've already mentioned it in my April Favourites here.

Coming Soon  - Boots Haul, Superdrug Haul

lots of love, Jess xxx


  1. I'd love to try the Sakura one but now I'm pretty sure I won't waste my money! I have however tried the Space Girl one and loved it, parma violets are total nostalgia :) xx

    1. I was so disappointed when it just did nothing :( but I love space girl! It's such good quality for the price!xxx


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