Friday, 4 April 2014

Skincare Haul

Hello lovely bloggers!!

I hope you all enjoyed my lovely guest bloggers post!! we're already planning another one for the future, so keep a look out!

Anyway, today's post, at the moment Tesco have got a massive sale on all skincare, so I couldn't resist, and thought I'd take a look! I'm always worried about my skin, but can't afford to spend ridiculous amounts on skincare, so was ecstatic when I found these bargains! I did pick up a few other pieces, but this is based on the Nivea products only.

This is my first experience of day creams, and I love the affect it is having on my skin! It make it so soft, and is just generally improving the appearance of my skin. I would definitely recommend this lovely product, and especially combined with the Night Cream.

This was £1.99 from £3.99 in Tesco
(Sorry, Tesco's website doesn't have all the products, so I've located them on Boots, so you can see them, but do go to Tesco as they're cheaper!)

Similarly to the Day Cream, this was my first experience, but it certainly won't be my last! I love this product, as it is really refreshing, and makes your skin ready for a long nights sleep to get rid of those bags!! Again, even though I've only been using this a few days, I can already see the difference in my face.

This is £1.99 from £3.99 in Tesco

I have already mentioned this, when I first purchased it in a previous post, but I thought I would mention it again, as it is part of my Nivea haul. I've used a few BB Creams in the past, and this is one of my favourites, at times I prefer BB Creams as they give the same coverage, but feel a lot lighter on your skin.

This is £2.99 from £5.99 in Tesco

I definitely saved the best until last with this product, I've only ever used No7 Primer before, but this one is the only one I plan on using in the near future! It makes your skin so flawless, and you get such a big pot compared to the tiny tubes you receive from most. It has a really good coverage, and the perfect base for your make-up!

This was £2.49 from £4.99 in Tesco

So there is my skincare haul, I made such good savings, and found some really good products!! I also plan on trying to only wear make-up for roughly half of the week, which is a big step for me, as I never leave the house without a full face on!! But I've managed it for half of this week, and it's just allowing my skin to clear itself of all toxins, and I can already see my skin improving!!

I have a couple of posts lined up, my Naked 3 Palette should arrive tomorrow, so I will be reviewing that, and I also have my Liebster award to do aswell! But as I'm nearly at 2000 views I thought I would save it for then!

Thank you for reading, and please ask me any questions/give me any recommendations, and leave your link below too!!

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  1. I rave about the Nivea Primer all the time. Its so good for the price. I have to wear a primer most of the time & this one works a treat for me

    1. I love it so much!! Now a part of my daily routine!!xxx


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