Friday, 18 April 2014

Another E.L.F Haul

Hey guys!

I've been really bad, and after discovering that E.L.F Cosmetics had really good deals on, I may have made a sneaky order... oops!

However, I did pick up some amazing bargains, and I thought I'd show you all them, I know I said that there was an Eye Accessories post coming next, but I'm not sure if I'm going to do it anymore, hence why this is first! :)

I did an E.L.F Haul a couple of weeks ago, and you can find that here. I love E.L.F as it's so cheap,but the stuff is a really good quality, meaning that you can justify buying more ;).

The offers I received were £10 off a £25 spend, and also 2 free gifts throughout April if you spend £15, and they worked together, meaning it would have been rude not to place an order... right?

                                                        Fan Brush

I've seen these absolutely everywhere, so I thought it was time I tried one out, and at £1.95, I didn't really mind if I didn't like it, but luckily I do! The brush is very fine, and I think this helps create a matte look, but doesn't give you a caked look, and even though it does say that you can use it for applying colour to the cheeks, I think I'll keep mine just for powder!

                                                  This is just £1.95!!

I already use an all over face primer, but I wanted one specifically for eyes, as since purchasing Naked 3, I've put a lot more effort into my eye make-up, so wanted to ensure that I was going to get the best results! I really like this product, as it blends very well, and really does work to help lengthen the time your eye make up stays for.

This is just £1.95.

I absolutely love this nail varnish, it is such a perfect shade for spring, and reminds me of one from Tanya Burr's range, pastels are always perfect for nails, whatever the season, so this is now one of my firm favourites!!

This is £2.50

This shade is just as gorgeous!! It is perfect to co-ordinate with your outfits, but also just to brighten up a darker outfit, it's such a bright colour, and I can't wait to wear it!

This is also just £2.50

I managed to pick this up in the sale, and I think this is the perfect shade for a night time/more formal look, but due to the shimmery shades within the purple, it makes it slightly more exciting than if it was just a plain purple. But don't be deceived, as it loooks a lot brighter on the website than it does when it arrives!

This was just £1!!!!

I don't know the exact product name for this, as this was one of the free items, and doesn't appear on the invoice, but it is a really nice lipgloss, that when put on, only requires the smallest amount of product, and gives a really good glossy look, but doesn't leave the lips sticky unlike some others out there.

This was a free item

Like I mentioned, I've gained a new obsession for eyeshadows, and this one was just gorgeous! It comes with a really handy little brush, which is perfect for detailing, but not if you're sweeping across the lid, but it's such a lovely shade, perfect for a nude eye, and I love the packaging for these shadows!

This is £3.95

I picked up a couple of shades for this product, as they are all just so gorgeous, and so wearable on a day to day basis!! This is a Bronze-ish shade, perfect for applying through the crease, or on the outer lid for a smoky eye look!

This is £3

I nearly purchased this product, but thought I would wait until next time, as I didn't want to buy all eye shadows, but regretted it instantly, meaning I was so happy when I received it as my other free item!!! I really didn't expect to receive two amazing free products like I have, and I love this eyeshadow, this is definitely for an evening look, with a bold smoky eye, as it very dark grey/black, meaning that for me personally, I wouldn't wear it everyday, but it will definitely go to use!

This was my other free item!

I love this shade, and think that it will work perfectly with Seductive for a really dramatic eye, or even with a nude eye, to give it more of a shimmer, as it is a silvery shade, and it's so pretty!!

This was £3

I think that pressed eyeshadows are always handy, as they are a lot easier, and less time consuming to apply that mineral ones, this is a brown-ish shade, with purple tones in it, and also a hint of shimmer. I would work this with a very nude shade, to create a natural look. On the website, it looks purple, so I was a bit suprised with the difference of shade, but I will still use it!

This is £3.50

This picture does this duo no justice, as there is a very pale purple shade, and a darker shade, that is almost a plum, I love these duo's, as the colours are so well matched, and it means that you can create a whole look without having to spend ages opening up loads of different products. Last time I got the Butter Peacan Duo, and I've wanted this one since! They also sell cream versions, but I personally much prefer pressed shadows, as I think they are easier to apply! These are absolutely amazing for the incredible price!

This is just £1.95

So there we are guys, I absolutely love E.L.F and would 100% recommend them, and they have a new offer of 50% off when you spend £30 at the moment as well as the two free products! I got all of the above products for an amazing £15.30 plus p+p.

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Coming Soon - Eye Make up Accessories (maybe), Beauty Tag.

thank you for reading!]

lots of love, Jess xxx


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