Thursday, 13 March 2014

E.L.F Haul

Hi guys,

Last week I finally gave in and placed an order on E.L.F Cosmetics, it's so cheap, and I picked up some really brilliant pieces, so here are my purchases!

I love this product! It says that when you spray it on your face, it will hold your makeup all day, and you can use it as a top up throughout the day. I used this this morning, and it really has kept my make-up on all day, and it doesn't leave any moisture on your face either!!

I love this lip product so much, I had initially wanted a clinique one, but couldn't find a colour that I wanted and that suited me. This one perfectly matches what I had wanted, it is the same colour as my lips naturally, which is just what is needed for a nice neutral look!! Definitely worth the tiny price of £3.95.

I love this palette! You get 6 lovely colours for just £3.95, and they range from the moer neutral shades, to purples, and then blacks, which gives you two different versions of the smoky eye look! A more cool version, and then the traditional black. The colours are all very vibrant, so you only need the smallest amount on the brush!

I'm on the fence about this brush, but I wasn't expecting to use it very often anyway, as I don't normally have the need, but I thought for such a good price- £2.50, I might as well get it whilst I can. I personally believe that the lash side needs to be longer, as this makes it awkward when trying to use. But for such a good price you can't really moan.

I love this brush!! It is really good, due to its very short bristles, and at £1.95, I think that this is a makeup bag essential!!

I found it so hard to choose just one of these duo's, but I finally decided on these natural warm shades, and I'm so happy!! They're so lovely, and I definitely think that I'll be purchasing some more of the selection!! At £1.95 for two eyeshadows, you cannot resist the lovely range! 

I brought this as I was intrigued by its shape and application, which is a very wide cylinder. I like this product, and it has a really high coverage, and perfectly matches my skin! At £1.95 this is such a steal!!

I love these products, I first discovered one in a Glossybox, and they are so so so useful!! It just removes any smudging/residue left from mascara/lipstick etc. It doesn't leave an odour afterwards either! 100% recommend this item, and it lasts ages, for just £3.95!!

Overall, I was really pleased with my order, however one negative thing was that at the time of my order if you spent over £20, you received a free gift in with your parcel, and I didnt :(. But I mentioned it to them and I think we're in the process of resolving this :).

I hope you liked my post, and please drop me a comment recommending any products you love, and follow me on bloglovin'

Lots of Love, Jess xxx



  1. Never bought anything from E.L.F before but the makeup remover pen intrigues me :) Great blogpost

    Lucy xx

    1. I would definitely recommend buying one! They're a life saver haha!! And the mist spray is amazing!! Two days in a row now it has kept my makeup perfect for 12 hours+ Thank you so much!!:)xxx

  2. Great little haul, I love Elf products and specially these matte lip colors :) I followed. xx


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