Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Disney Tag

Hi guys!! I've been tagged to do a Disney Tag from the perks 0f being emily, I love Disney so here are my answers!! :)

1) A scene in any Disney film you wish you could experience?

I think mine has to be The Circle of Life scene from The Lion King, this was my favourite scene          I saw the musical a couple of weeks ago, and I think it would just be amazing to see all of the animals coming together.

2) If you could be in any film which would you be in?

I think it would have to be Enchanted, as I love this film, and her journey from being in the animated world to being in the middle of New York.

3) If you could choose any of the characters to be your best friend who would you choose?

It would have to be Thumper from Bambi, I love Bambi so much, and Thumper is just the cutest little thing!! 

4) Who is your favourite princess?

Without a doubt, mine is Cinderella, I love her, and her mice friends!!

5) Favourite prince?

I think mine has to be Prince Charming, to accompany Cinderella :)

6)  Name a scene/moment in any Disney film that never fails to make you cry?

Definitely the scene in Pocahontas when John Smith gets shot :(:(:(:(

7) What was the first film you remember seeing?

I think mine would have probably been The Little Mermaid, I love it so so so much!!

8) What is your favourite disney film?
 Probably The Lion King, it's just so amazing, and being able to experience being front row at the musical made it even more magical.

9) A disney movie that disappointed you?

 Most of the sequels to the classics disappointed me :( especially The Little Mermaid :(

10) Your favourite songs?

Hakuna Matata- The Lion King
I Just Can't Wait To Be King- The Lion King
Circle of Life- The Lion King
Colours of the Wind- Pocahontas
Under The Sea - The Little Mermaid 
Reflection - Mulan
Thats How You Know -  Enchanted

11) Favourite princess dress?

Sleeping Beauty's dress is just so so so nice!!

12) Best Disney kiss?

The spaghetti kiss in Lady and the Tramp, it's just so adorable!

13) Most interesting story?

It's so hard to choose just one! But I think Pocahontas is really interesting, as it is very historical, and it's so sad when he dies :(

14) Favourite transformation?

I really like Simba's transformation in The Lion King, and Simba's transformation from being petrified of his past and what he thinks is his fault, and then him discovering the truth and him rejoining the pack.

15) Best Villain?
 Cruella Deville!!! She's so cruel, and finally gets her comuppence!

So there we are guys!! My favourite moments of Disney, it was so hard!! 

I tag -

Good luck!

lots of love, Jess xxx



  1. LOVED IT!! Enchanted is perfect! Thanks so much for doing it xxxx

  2. Thank you lovely! You're more than welcome :) was so hard to decide :(:( & I know! I love enchanted!!!xxx


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