Monday, 24 February 2014


Hiya! Sorry it's been a while, but I was planning my trip to London!

This weekend me and Thomas went up to London for the weekend, it was his birthday present to go see The Lion King and a stay in a nice hotel!!

So here's our lovely weekend away!

It was such lovely weather when we went, nice and sunny, and it was even warm enough for a little walk without a coat on! 

This is the AMAZING hotel we stayed at - The Athenaeum, it's so nice, and in a lovely area as it's in Green Park. It's so beautiful inside, and I would definitely recommend it for anyone wanting to treat themselves! It is very pricey, but there are often deals meaning you get it for less than half price, but lots of people would still not pay this much, but it was a birthday treat afterall!

The Lion King was incredible, and being front row was phenomenal! I was also in the aisle seat so I got to experience all of the animals coming right next to me. The actors also constantly look at those on the front row, and at the end during the bows, Tom said Jess look! And the actor with the Zazoo puppet was waving at him making the puppet dance, and when I looked he did it again to me!!

I would 10000000% recommend going to see The Lion King, and we're considering getting tickets for when the production tours and is in Southampton later this year!

And of course, ice cream was a necessity!

A trip to Harrods is essential whilst staying in London, we love Harrods and all of its luxuries, and I made a friend whilst there!

The main reason for our trips to Harrods is a visit to the Ice Cream Parlour!! I tell everyone about their ice cream, it's the nicest I've ever tasted, andlthough it is seen as very expensive at £3.50 a scoop, it is definitely worth it!

This time, we decided to go all out, and order Ice Cream Sundaes,  and it is only about £3 more than a simple bowl, and we were not disappointed!!

A girl cannot go to London without going shopping!! So here are the few bits I picked up!

I've been looking for some boots  like this for months!! And fell in love when I saw them, you can't really see it in the picture but they are cut out at the side, and are so comfortable!

These are from H&M and are £29.99

On a little adventure we found Victoria's Secret, which I had promised myself not to go in! 
You're probably thinking, what girl goes into Victorias Secret and buys make up to lingerie, yep, that's me! Haha!! I just couldn't resist these gorgeous lip products! I got one Lip Butter, two squeeze tubes, and one standard brush one. 

These are normally £10 each, but they're currently on offer for 4 for £20'

We were tempted in the Harrods Candy Shop, and ended up buying some yummy Jelly belly jelly beans!! The box is filled is loads of little bags that you pick yourself, meaning you can get a huge variety of flavours! 

The bag was £2.30, and he box was £5.95!

All weekend I had been on the lookout for a souvenir that had some relevance to The Lion King, and I found one in the form of this adorable Nala Teddy from The Disney Shop.

She was £7.

I found this gorgeous bath bomb in Covent Garden market! and it smells absolutely amazing! 
This was £3.50!

I couldn't. It pop into Lush could I? I picked up 4 gorgeous products that I've never tried before, 
- Madame Butterfly; a bubble bar which you swirl in the water, this was so cute I couldn't resist!
- Inhale Exhale; this is a two sides bath bomb, consisting of two different scents!
- Secret Garden; this a fluorescent green with a neon pink flower on, very eye catching!
- Golden Egg; this is a golden glitter bomb, in an egg shape, and just looks amazing!

As they say - 'the best things in life are free' and this certainly applies to these wonderful freebies from out hotel, they'd doubled up samples so we got to use some there and take some home! They smell fantastic and make your skin so so so soft!!

Overall, we had a perfect time in London, and I couldn't of asked for a better person to spend it with! 

I hope you all like our little adventure, and please ask any questions or make any recommendations for the next time we're up!

Lots of love! Jess xxx


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